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Confessions of a Lazy Girl: How I Fake a Professional Polish

Working at Birchbox involves a strange paradox: I spend my days knee-deep in the latest and greatest beauty products, yet I’m so busy that by necessity, I’ve become a huge fan of product minimalism. Let’s be clear: I still want to look polished. But I don’t want to work for it. Which is why I adore these highly ambitious products—they work for me.  

Grand Central Beauty S.M.A.R.T. Skin Perfecting Polisher

Confession: When it comes to my skincare habits, I have my good weeks and I have my bad weeks. It’s not hard to tell which is which. Naturally, I leap at the chance to reverse the damage. Grand Central Beauty’s genius skin polisher takes just 30 seconds to exfoliate, peel, tone, and moisturize my stressed-out complexion. And I don’t even have to rinse—the rub-in formula beads up on your skin, allowing you to brush off the residue and get on with your day (just follow with moisturizer and the rest of your routine). I use it to nip breakouts in the bud and fake a healthy glow even when I’m running on fumes.

Sienna Naturals Baobab Oil Moisturizing Hair & Body Shampoo

I’ll admit to being a chronic abuser of the snooze button. When my sleep-in habits get out of control, nothing streamlines my weekday shower routine like this two-in-one hair and body cleanser. Instead of relying solely on dry shampoos, I can quickly lather up and rinse off without switching bottles—or worrying about toxic ingredients. Originally formulated for moms-to-be, this cleanser sticks to the natural basics. It has skin-helpers like moisturizing baobab oil and acne-busting lavender oil. Bonus: Geranium oil fades dark spots on skin and strengthens strands. Now that’s a double win. 

Jouer Tint in Amaryllis

Flawless skin, check. One-step cleanser, check. To top things off, there’s nothing like a hint of blush to make me look fresh-faced when I’m rushing out the door. Jouer has always seemed to really understand my skin—they’ve never produced a product that makes me look overly done-up, just pretty in a natural, work-appropriate way. Their dual-purpose lip and cheek tint adds a fresh hint of pink to both places. (And okay, it’s hard to resist a shade called Amaryllis—it has my name in it, for crying out loud.)


Love a healthy glow as much as I do? Score a free Jouer Tint in Amaryllis when you spend $25+ on Jouer products in our Shop! But hurry—supplies run out quickly.   

Banish Bare Walls: A Guide to Affordable Art


So far, it seems like the only constant as a twenty-something in New York City has been change: namely, changing apartments. In the course of my three years living under Bloomberg’s reign, I’ve moved three times. Now I’m proud to say I just signed a two-year lease in a great new neighborhood (I know! Two whole years!). Suddenly, adorning my walls with old Christmas cards and taped-up Polaroids isn’t going to cut it anymore.

For the next chapter of my adult life, I want to start creating a real home. Which is why I perked up when read this Guide post by the resourceful gents of Birchbox Man. They’re giving insider tips on how to score great wall art for your apartment at non-frightening prices. (Nesting instinct: activated!) And if the prospect of opening a 401k still sounds like a distant dream, have no fear. It’s possible to spruce up your walls without having to refinance your student loans.

Just keep reading for some decorating inspiration.      


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