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7 Tricks for Nixing Summer Breakouts


Thanks to the sky-rocketing temps and humidity, our skin is constantly on the verge of an epic breakout during the sticky summer months. In a valiant effort to avoid a major complexion revolt, we’re incorporating these seven game-changing tips into our daily skincare routines.

  1. Whether blemish-prone or drier than the Sahara Desert, your complexion needs a daily dose of moisturizer to stay pimple free. Use this cheat sheet to find the right moisturizer for your skin type.

  2. The key to maintaining bright, glowy skin when the thermostat rises? Exfoliation. Watch this video to find out how to properly prep and slough dead skin to get a radiant glow in no time.

  3. A solid pimple prevention plan is half the battle. Stop zits before they start with our handy acne guide, which calls out the most common skin-irritating culprits.

  4. If you’re already dealing with a monster-sized zit, use this tutorial to expertly conceal blemishes both big and small.

  5. Excessive sun exposure can not only lead to sun damage, it can also cause more zits as well—especially if you have sensitive skin. Try a combination moisturizer and sunscreen specifically geared toward reducing breakouts.

  6. Unsurprisingly, what you eat affects your skin as much as what you do or don’t put on your face. Here are three sneaky things in your diet that might be messing with your skin. 

  7. Sweat and hair product residue can be transferred from strands to skin and cause breakouts—particularly on your forehead. On extra warm days, keep your hair up and out of your face with an ever-popular princess roll.


Another trick for keeping acne at bay? Staying clam and stress-free. Sit back, relax, and beat the summer blues with this cooling ice tea recipe from Runa cofounder Tyler Gage. 

The Ultimate Zit-Fighting Game Changer: Guest Blogger

Our latest guest blogger, Ally of Allyson in Wonderland, is an oil and gas professional with a serious eye for great finds. We can’t get enough of her gorgeously crafted blog, where she shares her love for style, travel, and photography. This week she’s giving us a peek into her personal beauty treasure chest—and we’re taking notes.

Pictured: Ole Henriksen invigorating night gel

For most of my life, I had been blessed with my mother’s perfect skin. But when I turned 30, my clear complexion took a turn for the worse. Suddenly, I was having breakouts and dryness at the same time. It used to be that any old product would work on my face, but seemingly overnight, my skin started to reject everything. So I took my friend’s advice and bought Ole’s Three Little Wonders.

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Banishing Acne Scars: Dr. Dennis Gross Answers

Via our Dr. Dennis Gross Facebook contest, fans submitted their most fervent skincare questions for the guru. Three lucky contestants not only received answers straight from the M.D. himself (see one fan’s query, and Dr. Gross’ advice, below), but they’re also getting free products from his coveted line!

All-In-One Cleansing Foam, $36,

Q: How can I prevent and get rid of acne scarring?

—Lydia Goerner

Dr. Denis Gross: It is understandably tempting to pop a pimple to try and minimize its appearance, but this is one temptation I urge you to resist. The pressure from nails can cause broken blood vessels and permanent scarring.

Acne-scarring usually becomes more noticeable with age. The quality and quantity of our collagen diminishes with age, any depressions in our face appear deeper and any elevations look thicker. Any treatments that enhance collagen production, such as peels, vitamin C, lasers, and Retinol, can help thicken skin to make all scars look less visible.