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How Would You Describe Yourself?

Dove is back with another inspiring addition to their Real Beauty campaign. Unlike their last video, this one directly challenges real women to rethink their perceptions surrounding beauty—specifically, how they perceive their own beauty. Several women were selected to sit for a forensic sketch artist while hidden behind a curtain, and then described themselves to the artist who drew as they spoke. Afterwards, a person who had briefly met the original subject came in and described each woman as they saw her. 

It’s surprising to see how much the final two sketches differed. Each stranger-described image appeared friendlier, softer, and more open than the original—and often the women were in awe of the disparity between what they thought and what an objective viewer saw.

We’ve all fallen prey to the bad habit of selling ourselves short. Who hasn’t told someone about their less-than-awesome eyes, nose, chin, you name it, only to hear that it’s their friend’s favorite defining feature? At the very least, we’re glad that Dove’s video is a positive reminder to pause and consider that perhaps we’re all great exactly as we are.


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Dove’s New Ad Campaign: Photoshop Trick or Reality Treat?

Dove is back with another installment of its decade-long “Campaign for Real Beauty,” which aims to inspire confidence in women when discussing beauty.

While Dove’s previous efforts (commercials like “Evolution,” “Onslaught,” and “Amy”) were directed at consumers to convince them to rethink their perceptions of beauty, this one targets those who create the ads.

The beauty brand built a Photoshop action, which is a downloadable file that can apply a certain look to an image in one click. This action file, which promised to add a skin-glowing effect to images, was released online in forums where art directors and other photo retouchers would stumble upon it and hopefully download it. In reality though, the action would revert the Photoshopped image to its original state with the tagline, “Don’t manipulate our perceptions of real beauty.” 

What do you guys think? Is Dove making a good point about the beauty industry by targeting photo retouchers?


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