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5 Tips For Faking a Flawless Face Every Day


Not all of us are born with perfect skin. If you’re like me, your face doesn’t exactly glow like a goddess when you wake up in the morning. Some women can walk out the door with just a swipe of mascara and a dash of gloss, but for me, I need at least a bit of concealer (okay, maybe A LOT of concealer) to feel presentable. I’ve accepted my imperfections but I’ve also learned a few tricks for faking flawless skin to use when I need a little extra help. Here are my favorite 5 tips:

1. The Benefit Primer That Outlasts Birchbox Co-Founder Katia’s 15-Hour Day

The very first step in having long-lasting, flawless makeup is using a great primer. After working hard to perfectly blend your foundation, there’s nothing worse than having it break up or smear throughout the day. That’s why I’ve added this Stay Flawless Primer from Benefit to my makeup arsenal. It holds up for 15-hours, which means you won’t have to worry about your makeup sliding or wearing off. 

2. Top Beauty Blunders: Foundation Blending

Now that we’ve got our face primed, next is foundation and concealer. While it may seem easy enough to blend out your base makeup, a lot of women fall victim to disastrous foundation situations. From mismatched shades to concealer abuse, these top beauty blunders expose the most common foundation blending mistakes and how to fix them. 

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3 Easy Steps To Concealing Dark Circles

Photo: V Fashion

Blame it on the fact that I live in the city that never sleeps, but it seems like catching eight hours of rest will always remain an elusive goal for me. I’m constantly battling a chronic case of under eye circles, and I know I’m not alone. Women cite lack of sleep as the number one cause behind looking fatigued, but to some extent dark circles are also in our genes. As you age, the delicate skin beneath your eyes thins out, exposing the trapped blood vessels underneath. Luckily, you don’t have to show your dark circles to the world. Just follow these three easy steps to looking bright-eyed and well-rested 24/7!

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Monday Morning Wake-Up

Photo: DesignBeep

Mondays are tough for everyone, but it’s doubly hard if you are a sleep-deprived mom. This morning, our ridiculously awesome VP of Marketing, Deena, came by my desk looking for a little makeup magic to cover up her tiredness. Now Deena looks pretty amazing every day (she’s a yogi, obvi) but I know the feeling of sleepwalking through the day. I gave her my foolproof pick-me-up trio: YSL Touche Eclat to camouflage undereye circles; Stila Prime Pot to even out and brighten eyes; and major mascara (in this case, our new Anastasia Lash Lifting Mascara). That, you know, and coffee.


Want more tips? Watch our video tutorial on how to de-puff and cover dark circles.

Skin Rx: Depuff and Conceal in One Step

It’s been a hectic week around the Birchbox ranchito, which means we’re all running on low on sleep and high on caffeine. This morning (yes, it’s taken that long to post this), our resident skincare expert, Rachel, shared a trick for concealing and de-puffing undereye circles. 

If you’re short on time and want to get a quick two-in-one punch, simply mix your eye cream with your concealer. You’ll immediately get hydrating benefits from the eye cream, and deal with darkness at the same time. Make sure to pat it on lightly with your ring fingers so that you dislodge any accumulated liquids (which can lead to puffiness). Mixing your concealer and cream also helps the formula glide on — no cakey separating action. I love TheBalm’s Time Balm, which is fairly dry and mixes perfectly with Pangea’s moisturizing Eye Cream.


Want more? Watch our video on concealing under eye circles.

How To: Brighten Under Eye Circles

Under eye circles might as well be flashing neon sign on your face telling everyone that you’re tired (even when you try for a full eight hours of sleep). Luckily there is a way to conceal circles, bags, and other not-so-pretty features and brighten your entire face in the process. Check out our brand-new video featuring makeup artist Nam Vo’s three-step approach.

We’ve used the following products:

Step 1: Eye Cream: Dr. Dennis Gross Lift & Lighten Eye Cream
Step 2: Highlighter: YSL Touche Eclat
Step 3: Concealer: Armani Master Corrector 


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