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Chanel Nail Tutorial for Beginners: Guest Blogger

You may have noticed that here at Birchbox, we have a deep, abiding love for all things nails. Which is why nail artist extraordinaire Taryn Multack, a.k.a Miss Ladyfinger, is a great fit as this week’s guest blogger. Multack, who’s spent time working at fashion staples like Oscar de la Renta and W Magazine, uses trends and looks straight from the runway to create gorgeous, imaginative designs for her digits. The most impressive part? She does all of her art while keeping a day job in the fashion world. This week, she teaches us how to make our nails just as fabulous as hers.

Let me just first say that I am not a nail technician. I repeat: not a nail technician. I’m simply a fashion industry gal with a steady hand, but we all need to start somewhere, right? Miss Ladyfinger started out as the typical nail blog, swatching colors as I purchased them. (Side note: It’s embarrassing, but I admit to spending more money on polish than on clothes.) It wasn’t until I bought my first nail art pen that things got interesting. Like any art form, a blank canvas can be intimidating. Luckily, my day job requires that I immerse myself in fashion runway images to gain inspiration, so that’s exactly what I did. I’m here to tell — and show — you how you can, too.

Click through to get these Chanel-inspired nails in five easy steps this is a tutorial created for nail art beginners!

Let’s start with beginner runway-inspired nail art. For this post I chose a simple Chanel look, because really, what girl doesn’t love Chanel? All you’ll need is a white polish and a black nail art pen. For this look I used Cotton by American Apparel and Sally Hansen’s black nail art pen, available at any drug/specialty store.

1. Prep your nail with base coat
2. Apply white polish to the whole nail

3. Using your nail art pen, apply a diagonal line starting from the halfway point of your nail bed to the halfway point of your nail tip.

4. Next, draw a smaller line parallel to the first one.

5. Complete the square by drawing lines down towards your cuticle.

6. Top it off with Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat, and voilà! Your very own set of sassy Chanel nails.

For more neutral colored polishes that work as a base for all your nail art needs, try these taupe shades from Zoya.