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Team Intros: Meet Danielle!

When Danielle came on board, it was a dream come true for our email marketing team (which was a lonely team of one before her arrival). Since starting, she’s been wowing us with her eye for detail and her strong work ethic. From proofing promo codes to ensuring that product images are perfect, we can’t thank her enough for her diligence—and you can thank her for for helping to light up your inbox!

Danielle, Email Marketing Specialist

Unofficial Title: Fire putter-outer

Hometown: Parsippany, NJ

Fun fact: I broke my right elbow when I was eight, and ever since I can’t think about elbows or watch someone else scratch and pull at the extra skin around their elbow without getting nauseous.

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What’s On The Birchbox Staffers’ Desks: Operations Associate Paulina

Our operations associates are some of the busiest team members at Birchbox. They’re on the front lines talking to customers and managing orders every day, so we thought it was time to take a peek at one of their desks. Today, we grabbed a picture of Paulina’s — it’s full of her favorite polishes, treats, and the product she’s lusting after from her December box. 

1. Maoz Vegetarian gift card: Maoz Vegetarian is a Birchbox team go-to for lunch. Thanks to a special someone in my life, I hold the keys to a gift card for endless falafel!

2. O.P.I.’s Jade is the New Black nail polish: Jade is the New Black is my nail polish must. Any time I can’t make up my mind about what color to wear, I always choose this pretty emerald green.

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What’s on the Birchbox Editors’ Desks: Co-founder Edition

One of the coolest things about working at Birchbox is that our founders, Katia and Hayley, sit right alongside us in the office. They’re always available when we have questions, want to touch base, or just want to say hi — no stuffy corner offices here! Today we’re featuring Katia’s desk. She has tons of lovely goodies for us to peek at!

1. Cynthia Rowley Sunglasses: These tell everyone not to mess with me! They’re soon to be joined by a new pair of Warby Parker glasses. (similar style linked)

2. Caramel from a Birchbox Member: We really do have the best customers in the world. One of them sent our customer service team caramels and I snagged one for later.

3. A card for our Fashion’s Night Out party! We’ll be rocking all night with Scoop NYC, Citizens of Humanity, and Yosi at Scoop’s Meatpacking location. Stay tuned for more details!

4. Ingrid Michaelson CDs: Love her! Feel free to make fun of me for still having CDs.

5. Oribe Apres Beach Wave + Shine Spray: I’m already a HUGE fan of the Oribe Texturizing Spray so I know this will be a new staple in the office. (Launching Soon)

6. False Lashes by Faux Lash: Our new friends at Faux Lash sent these over and they’re perfect for getting an ultra glam look.

7. A cute post-it from my husband, Greg, who is also our video producer!

8: A partially hidden scary beauty ad: to remind us to always focus on beautiful, real women!

9: Skull Candy Headphones: Courtesy of team member, Rachel. I wear these when I really need to focus or jam on! You can get your own Skull Candy earbuds with a purchase on Birchbox.


Find all of Katia’s favorite beauty products in the Birchbox Shop today!

What’s On Birchbox Staffers’ Desks: Goodbye Shana, We’ll Miss You!

For the past three months, Birchbox’s content team has had an amazing editorial intern, Shana. You’re probably familiar with her College Girl column and some of the other amazing blog posts and articles that she’s written this summer. Sadly all good things must come to end and Shana will be jetting off to a semester abroad in London after her last day tomorrow. We’re sad to see her go, but excited for her to have such an awesome experience. We thought it would only be appropriate to feature her desk today and wish her well as she heads off to the land of crumpets, afternoon tea, fish and chips, and Shakespeare. Oh, and you’d better believe that we’ll be expecting weekly updates about her new BFFS: Harry, Will, and Catherine, of course. Cheerio!

1. Photo collage: I tried to make a collage when our Internet connection went down for an hour last week, but I cut out all the pictures and then realized I didn’t have any glue. 

2. Shipping labels: I have lots of shipping labels around because I’m in charge of sending fun prizes to recent contest winners. Congrats to the Twitter Tuesday winners and don’t forget to enter our current TOCCA Sweeps!

3. Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment: Lorelei and I went to the Fresh’s Kiss & Tell Truck event along with our beauty partnership team. It was pouring rain that day, but it didn’t stop us from waiting in line for mini lip makeovers and free gloss—definitely a highlight of my summer.

4. Gigantic piece of bread: I was really craving chicken parm and spaghetti for lunch today, and this ginormous loaf came with my order. I ate all inside parts and the shell of crust is all that is left as evidence. 

5. Coffee Cups: As I mentioned in my latest College Girl post, I have a slight iced coffee addiction. I’ve been saving money by making my own at the office.

6. Bliss Waxing Kit: I’ve been collecting a bunch of different waxing kits for a review. Here’s one that found its way from the closet to my desk—guess it’s time to start testing.


Special tidbit: What’s Shana’s fave Birchbox product? Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint in Glow. “I discovered it while working here and I won’t leave the house now without wearing it.”

Team Intros: Meet Alexis and Alexzndra!

We told you we were doing our best to fill up our new office space and we weren’t joking! Just before we moved we added two new members of the Brand Team, Alexis and Alexzndra! Alexis is originally from Vancouver (woot, Team Canada!) but most recently worked at Abrams Media here in NYC. Alexzndra just graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising and is brand-new to NYC. We can’t wait to help her explore the city!

Get excited — more brand team members means more samples for you!

Alexis Hershfield, Brand Relationship Manager

Hometown: Vancouver BC, Canada 

Unofficial role: Keeper of the samples

Fun fact: Summer after first year university, spent the summer working as a medic on ambulances in Israel

Beauty confession: When spending time in the sun,  I spray chamomile tea in my hair to lighten it. 

Currently loving: BITE’s Luminous Creme Lipstick in Fig. Its so lovely. 

Worth the splurge: Bronzer! I am always looking for more sun…

Best beauty trick: Using a pink cream eye shadow as a lip stain. 

Alexzndra Louras, Brand Planner

Hometown: Rutland, Vermont

Unofficial role: Coffee Machine Whisperer 

Fun fact: I take apart cheap jewelry and put it together the way I like it.

Beauty confession: Sometimes I put Chapstick (odor/colorless) on my eye lids before I apply powder eye shadow to make it last longer. Also I always go from light to dark with a touch of gold in the middle. 

Currently loving: Red lips, bright toes, big hair.

Worth the splurge: Good shampoo/conditioner (Like Blow) to make my hair look awesome.

Best beauty trick: When I’m in desperate need to get shine off my face, I use a CLEAN toilet seat cover as makeshift blotting paper to soak up oil without ruining my makeup.

Team Intros: Meet Techies Jereme, Isabelle, and Marie

Birchbox is having a growth spurt! We just moved into a brand-new swanky space and we’ve already managed to fill up the majority of it. Much of that has to do with all the new hires we’ve brought on board recently, several of which are on the tech team. We are so, so, SO happy to have them here—a web startup can’t function without plenty of talented techies!

Jereme Corrado, Systems Architect

Hometown: Kerhonkson, NY. I grew up on a small strawberry farm in the Catskill Mountains.

Fun fact: I’ve hitched through most of the lower 48.

Unofficial Title: Mr. Fix-It

Beauty confession: I tried the AHAVA Natural Dead Sea Body Mud we were giving out and I really loved it. But I’m really out of my element here. I’m still working on using lotion daily after Rachel told me that my once-a-month policy was probably a little too spartan.

Currently loving: My new record player, Rega p3. It’s pink! 

Worth the splurge: My dog Walter’s new haircut, which is $85! (Mine is $14.) 

Best beauty trick: The secret to a happy summer in the city, as a man, is powder in your unmentionables.

Isabelle Rice, Technology Intern

Hometown: Short Hills, NJ

Fun fact: I once escaped a bear that was stalking me while I was hiking. I am now extremely overconfident of my ability to deal with bears.

Unofficial Title: Speedy Gonzales

Beauty confession: The only way I buy new makeup is by going to makeup counters and having them do it for me. I don’t trust myself to choose well.

Currently loving: Straw fedoras! I can’t really pull them off, but I love when other people do.

Worth the splurge: A good tinted moisturizer like Jouer’s Luminizing Moisture Tint. It’s great and light for the summer while protecting your skin long term.

Best beauty trick: Drink lots of water!

Marie Matheson, Software Engineer

Hometown: Petitcodiac, New Brunswick, Canada

Fun fact: I was once pulled up to street perform in Paris in front of hundreds of people.

Unofficial Title: Web Maestro

Beauty confession: I rocked a perm gone horribly wrong just five short years ago.

Currently loving: Pocket dresses

Worth the splurge: A good haircut

Best beauty trick: Spray gel for up-dos

Team Intros: Special Ops

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Ally and Emily, our brand-new operations gurus. Now we have three more to add to their ranks. These girls are the superheroes of our company and without them we’d be lost (and even more importantly, so would all your customer requests, queries, and comments). Meet the newest members of our Operations team.


Loren, Operations Associate

Hometown: Fort Lee, NJ

Fun fact: I love going to electronic shows. A few months ago a DJ at one of these shows accidentally broke my arm, yet I still keep going back!

Beauty confession: I’m obsessed with nail polish and have a blog that I (try to) update with pictures of the funk.

Currently loving: Zoya Mitzi (Mod Matte Collection), Lanza Silk Hair Serum, and Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner (Dark Brown). And watches. And maxi dresses.

Worth the splurge: An amazing perfume. And maybe an awesome polish :P

Best beauty trick: Never sleep with makeup on!


Paulina Anderson, Operations Associate

Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ

Fun fact: A couple months ago I gave up drinking coffee, and I found a new addiction love in Guayaki’s Mate Chocolatte tea! You gotta try it!

Beauty confession: I’ve never worn foundation or colored my hair!

Currently loving: Fekkai’s Summer Hair Beach Waves spray, O.P.I.’s San Tan Tonio, and Weleda’s Gentle Cleansing Milk—I bought it this weekend and I swear that my husband has never found my face more kissable!

Worth the splurge: The perfect summer dress :)

Best beauty trick: A tiny bit of pure jojoba oil on your face as moisturizer, daily mantras, and seriously—a genuine smile!!


Jillian Rissman-Sherr, Operations Associate

Hometown: Los Angeles

Fun fact: I once found a lost dog, and it ended up being Jessica Alba’s. I’m also in the background of a paparazzi photo of Britney Spears. 

Beauty confession: My mom has always picked out my perfume for me. She has good taste! 

Currently loving: My Mason Pearson brush. Feels soo good!

Worth the splurge: Dr. Dennis Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peel Pads. 

Best beauty trick: I wear mascara every day, so I like to moisturize my eyelashes with Vaselline at night to keep them from drying out. Another eyelash tip:  I coat the tops of my top lashes while looking down, and then underneath them while looking up to make them extra long.

Team Techy: Meet Aaron!

It’s a well-known fact that it’s incredibly hard to hire great developers in New York because the demand is so high. We’re exceedingly excited (and lucky) to have landed Aaron, who has worked in the technology space for 19 years. Most recently the CTO of Updater Inc., he’s a security expert who has consulted for tons of top business and e-commerce site and he literally wrote the book on Oracle security — no really, he did. You know what that means, right? Your subscriptions are safe with us.

Aaron Ingram, Senior Developer

Hometown: I’ve called NYC home for 20 years but I grew up in the ‘burbs in Plainview, Long Island.

Unofficial role: Top Secret

Fun fact: I’ve jumped out of an airplane several hundred times. Once I accidentally landed in a movie theater parking lot on a busy Friday night. I got a roaring ovation from the crowd!

Grooming confession: I don’t own a hairbrush.

Currently loving: Nicole (Cue the ‘Awwww’).

Worth the splurge: Extra memory for my computer. Ok, that has nothing to do with beauty products, but I’m in the tech department here at Birchbox. My idea of a beauty product is a shiny, new Mac.

Beauty product most baffled by: Bubble butt silicon pads.