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Announcing: The Stripes & Sequins Shop on Birchbox

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with the very lovely Grace Atwood of Stripes & Sequins on an exclusive curated shop! The sparkle-obsessed DIY jewelry queen, whose accessible-and-fun personal style we can’t get enough of, has chosen 24 of her favorite products from the Birchbox universe. Check out all her picks here and read what she has to say about some of her selections below!


I always like to brag to people that I was one of Birchbox’s first beta members. Among the first twenty! Three years later, Birchbox impresses me every day with their innovation and product offering. As a true beauty junkie who has tried nearly everything under the sun, I still manage to get introduced to incredible new products (the Suki scrub, for example) through the service and editorial. So I’m really honored to be featured on Birchbox right now with my own curated Shop showing off my all-time favorites.

Most of the products speak for themselves, but there were a few I thought I’d call out because of their superhero powers:

1) I am positively in love with this face scrub. It’s all natural, smells amazing, and has become a treat I look forward to every other morning. It cleanses and exfoliates without irritating my skin, which is huge because my skin is actually very sensitive.

2) This nail polish remover is the best I’ve ever used. It cuts through the toughest (read: glitter) nail polishes without drying out nails. The best part? It doesn’t smell bad!

3) I’ve been using Benefit Hoola for nearly ten years now, since it first came out.  Despite its muddy coloring, it gives the perfect healthy glow. It lasts forever, too. I wear it every single day and only go through one container of it every year and a half or so.

4) MAKE cosmetics has become a new favorite of mine, and I really love this lipstick. It’s really creamy and hydrating, and the color isn’t quite as bold as it looks in the tube. All of the shades are beautiful, but Flamingo is my favorite.

Shop the rest of Grace’s picks now! 

5 All-Natural Beauty Products That Work Like Magic


Here’s a major beauty myth: Natural products can’t hold up to traditional formulations in terms of performance. In reality, there are plenty of green brands that can deliver the same results—without any skin-irritating additives. Here are five must-try all-natural creations we’re crazy about:

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Our Favorite June Birchbox Unboxing Videos


It’s almost July, which means your next Birchbox is not far away but before you receive another set of goodies we want to revisit a few of our favorite June unboxings. This month we loved sharing our travel tips and picks but as always, the most exciting trip we took was with our subscribers. Here are a few of the memorable unboxing videos we watched this month:

 Herlatenightcravings They have some of the best smiles around and we love that they couldn’t wait to get home so they did a “car vlog.”

Ashley Elizabeth has the sweetest accent and perfectly curly hair. After watching her unboxing video we had to check out her hair tutorials as well!

Jennifer Marie’s video made us laugh out loud—and her husband made an adorable unexpected cameo.



Find out what our Birchbox Man subscribers can expect to find in their July Birchboxes in our Sneak Peek video!

W Magazine Releases Four Different Covers for Their 40th Anniversary

Scarlett Johansson represents the punk glam of the ’90s while Keira Knightley embodies the modern woman of the ’00s. (Photo:

We at Birchbox have had a long-standing love affair with Suki products. Get the Suki Balancing Regimen or Nourishing Regimen exclusively at our shop! 

Team Intros: Meet Ops Girls!

With three new additions, our hard-working operations team just keeps growing and growing. Meet Anastasia who was an Admissions Counselor at Drew University, Christine who worked as a Club Coordinator at Flywheel, and Molly who recently graduated from Vassar College where she studied English and women’s studies. We’re so happy these bubbly ladies found their way to Birchbox—their positive spirits and can-do attitudes brighten the office. 

(Left to Right): Anastasia, Christine and Molly adding even more shine to our awesome ops team.

Name/Title: Anastasia Sailer, Operations Associate

Hometown: West Milford, NJ

Unofficial role: Trashy TV Junkie

Fun fact: I sang in an acappella group in college

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Join us for a Facebook Chat with Suki!

Long before natural skincare went mainstream, Suki Kramer was whipping up healthy skin savers in her own kitchen. Now she’s the founder of one of our favorite skincare lines, which has products to help you with everything from eczema and dermatitis to cystic acne and rosacea. There’s truly something for everyone. 

We’re so excited to announce that today we’ll be chatting live on Facebook with Suki! This is your chance to ask everything you ever wanted to know about her natural approach, your biggest skincare concerns, or a product that you’ve tried!

To join the chat vist our Facebook page ( today (7/19) at 3pm EST. We’ll have posted this blog article to the page and chatting in the comments below that image. One lucky chatter will win a full-size Suki Exfoliate Cleanser and Correct Coverage Concealer, so be sure to join us and ask questions!


Learn more about the Suki products we’ll be chatting about by visiting the Birchbox Shop!

Packing List: Sweden

Next week, I’m heading off to Sweden for a ten-day vacation, and I’m super excited to explore the country for the first time. Aside from hitting up every H&M and Ikea in their native land (kidding), I plan on eating a year’s worth of gravlox and meatballs (not kidding). Since my boyfriend and I will be bouncing back and forth between Stockholm and other cities whose names I can’t yet pronounce, I need to pack light. With this in mind, I’ve whittled down my carry-on stash to the bare essentials that I’ll need to survive a Scandinavian summer. Check out the beauty products and travel gear that made the cut: 

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Lazy Day Beauty: Guest Blogger

We’re always looking for good sartorial inspiration, which is why we regularly turn to PR exec Jaimen Sfetko’s Tumblr, Jaimen Lee. Documenting her own stellar (and quirky cool) style, Sfetko gives us a daily dose of outfit envy — and has us wishing she did costume changes throughout the day. Naturally, we’re curious about the savvy New Yorker’s product picks, too. This week, Sfetko is guest blogging about her beauty musts, starting with what’s in her super-chic bathroom cabinets. 

Maybe it’s just me, but on a lazy rainy day or day off from work, I’m left feeling like I need to be doing something. Working in PR here in New York, I’m used to a pretty consistent level of insanity, which makes taking time off to relax hard to do. Lately during my downtime, I’ve been creating to-do lists that include treatments or activities that nurture my body and mind. From manicures to a good Wii Just Dance session (might I recommend “Toxic” or “S.O.S”), there’s a number of things you can do for yourself to refresh and renew. To keep things relevant, since Birchbox is all about beauty, here’s are some of my favorite product indulgences that are guaranteed to put a bounce in your step and smile on your face:

  1. Scrub: So much grime accumulates over time on your face and nothing short of a really good scrub cleanser can get rid of it. Those apricot scrubs, however, are not the route to go, as they actually can put little cuts into your skin. You want something a bit more gentle instead and trust me, the result will be worth it.
  2. Mask: This is something we’ve done since our first middle school sleepovers, but it often gets put on the wayside come professional life and busy work days. Masks can completely rejuvenate your skin and help to moisturize and brighten. To really clean and clear, I adore masks from Mario Badescu and June Jacobs.
  3. Peel: When a scrub and mask just aren’t enough, you need something more effective to erase the fine lines and lackluster skin that’s built up over time. I received Juice Beauty’s Green Apple Peel from my sister (an editorial makeup artist) last Christmas after she raved about the results she’d seen firsthand on models at her shoots. The mask is amazing yet gentle and I’d recommend it to anyone looking to undo a bit of damage from age, sun, and all the bad stuff we put into our mouths!

Once you’re done prepping your skin, spoil it some more with a luxurious philosophy hope in a jar moisturizer.