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Sarah Jessica Parker Launching Shoe Line, Daft Punk Sans Helmets, and More
After spending six seasons in her Manolo Blahniks as Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker is finally designing her own shoe line. [Fashionista]
And in honor of the 15th anniversary of Sex and the City, here are 15 of the best beauty moments from the show. [Beauty High]
Here’s a head-scratcher: One Direction just launched a fragrance. [WWD]
Le Petit Prince is the latest childhood tale to get the Hollywood treatment. [Refinery29]
Spotted: Daft Punk without their helmets and playing champagne beer pong. [Av Club]
— Bre
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(photo: HBO)

Sarah Jessica Parker Launching Shoe Line, Daft Punk Sans Helmets, and More

— Bre

Check out our exclusive custom nail polish collection we created with Color Club here.

(photo: HBO)

7 Halloween Movies We’re Rewatching This Month

Clockwise from left: Gizmo the Mogwai; The Sanderson Sisters; our fave friendly ghost; the Peanuts gang searching for an elusive figure.

With just two weeks left to go before Halloween, it’s time to get serious about costumes and makeup. Just as crucial to our holiday fun: our favorite Halloween-inspired movies! For the next two weeks, we’ll be curling up with a bowl of candy corn, some apple cider, and large pillows that can withstand terrified clutches as we watch these seven flicks. A few of them are genuinely scary, a few are hilarious, and a few are totally nostalgia-inducing childhood faves that we’ll never get enough of. Click through to find out which films made our list!

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All-Natural Product Guru Tata Harper Shares Her Insider Tips

Natural beauty: Harper in her element. (Photo:


Looking for a beauty pick-me-up this morning? Consider giving our Scrapbook Scissor Nails a try.

Reading List: Movers and Shakers

Mary-Kate and Ashley, and Ashley and Mary-Kate photos via

We’re (almost) all settled in to our new office digs after moving just last night and luckily we’ve had a chance to brush up on our reading while unpacking. Here’s what has caught our eye this week:

  • Moving has us all on a bit of a DIY kick—let’s get crafty! This Monday The Coveteur profiled the queen of DIY, P.S. I Made This’ Erica Domasek. We had a blast interviewing Erica ourselves a few months back, so seeing her digs was a real treat. 
  • In fashion news, there’s been a real shakeup at Halston. Yesterday WWD confirmed rumors that first Sarah Jessica Parker and then Harvey Weinstein were severing ties with the company. You may remember that SJP has been the president and chief creative officer of Halston Heritage (the more affordable branch of the line) for little more than a year while Weinstein has had an equity stake, but little actual involvement for several years. Now, this morning we’ve just heard that designer Marios Schwab is out as creative director for the brand and there won’t be a spring 2012 collection. The label’s future certainly seems to be up in the air at this moment so we’ll be keeping an eye on wwd throughout the weekend.
  • Lately, golden makeup seems to be having a real moment. We’re calling it a new neutral and it’s our go-to hue when we need some glow. WhoWhatWear’s beauty board has some more ideas on how to wear it.
  • Fashionista posted a few of our favorite stories this week. The first is a roundup of their favorite hair blogs. There are some amazing ones out there and we’ll definitely be adding them to our feed reader. The other is a guide to telling Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen apart based on their outfits. It really is time that we figured it out. 
  • We don’t often find tons of television programs that delve into the beauty industry. That’s why we were so excited to see BellaSugar’s article about the BBC’s new miniseries called Perfume. The show takes an in-depth look at the multibillion-dollar fragrance industry and we can guarantee you’ll learn something new.


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Are You A Scrunchie Gal?

Left: Birchbox’s brand relationship manager, Alta. Right: Stephanie Tanner from Full House.

A couple of weeks ago after a particularly frenetic work week, a couple of us were at the office later than usual trying to get things finished up before the weekend. Since Friday evenings aren’t generally the most productive works hours, it should come as no surprise that we lapsed into a lot of chatter. What might come as a shock though is that we stumbled onto the topic of everyone’s favorite hair accessory to hate: the scrunchie.

I was convinced that no stylish woman, definitely no New Yorker, has owned one since the late ’90s. But our brand relationship manager, Alta, set me straight. A card-carrying member of the scrunchie fan club, Alta wears the poofy fabric-covered elastics around her apartment and even in public, albeit only to the gym. But here’s the real kicker: she is both fashion-savvy AND a resident of NYC proper. So does this mean that the Carrie Bradshaw theory about scrunchie-wearers is completely debunked? Just maybe. Even though you won’t catch me wearing one, Alta did get me to thinking that maybe there are more young, cool, trendsetting women out there that own them and just don’t admit to it. I thought an anonymous poll would be a good way to figure this out—if you love your scrunchie, be proud and cast your vote below!


Worth Scoping Out: Designer Fragrance Discount On Bluefly

For all the perfume fanatics out there, this one is for you: Online designer discount retailer Bluefly has branched out into fragrance. Starting today, customers can shop hundreds of designer scents — some are up to 40 percent off the retail price. From classics like Chanel No. 5 to more recent hits like Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely, the selection is totally worth a look. The one thing I do wish is that you could sort by discount and not just by brand, but anyone who has a signature scent should absolutely check out the offerings (though they do charge for shipping, just an FYI). Certainly the next time I need to buy a bottle, I will be using this new e-boutique to do a little comparison shopping.


One of our favorite fragrances of all time is Serge Lutens L’Eau. Buy it here!