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My Purse-Sized Beauty Survival Kit: Guest Blogger

A self-proclaimed beauty addict and over-the-top girly girl, Lara Ramos has been dedicated to living a pretty lifestyle since birth. Her blog, The Glossarie, highlights ground-breaking beauty products and little laid-back luxuries. This week, in Lara’s second appearance as a guest blogger, she shares the newest items that have caught her eye and her personal must-haves.

I have a gaggle of Stephanie Johnson’s Mini Pouches and they are the absolute best to throw in my purse for toting around all of the essentials. I love keeping all of these little things together without having to dig for them at the bottom of my bag! Here’s what I have stuffed inside my Stephanie Johnson Mini Pouch:

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What’s on the Birchbox Editors’ Desks: Rachelista

You probably already know Rachel from her excellent weekly Skin Rx blog posts, but what you might not know is that of all the members of the brand team, Rachel (aka @Rachelista) is probably the sassiest and most adventurous trendsetter. (She might be the sassiest person working at Birchbox, come to think of it.) Even when her trend suggestions are a bit too far ahead of the curve for us (Nail Quills, anyone?), we know she’ll pull it off spectacularly. She also has excellent taste in the newest and best beauty products so we jumped at the chance to get a peek at her desk today. Read on for her current obsessions including an appropriately named lip tint and a truly illuminating highlighter.


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Guest Blogger: We Heart This’ Five Steps to Red Lips

Photo courtesy of We Heart This

This week, we have Stef and Tyna of We Heart This blogging all about grown up beauty. Today, Stef muses on mastering the staple of sophistication: the red lip.

One of the best things about being older (there are a few good things about aging, honest!) is that I can now proudly wear red lipstick, and gloss, and not feel like a kid who’s raided her mom’s makeup drawer. With age comes the confidence to pull it off (which is the case with most things in my life now, but that’s another post entirely). I always encourage people to try a red lip, especially the ones who are determined that they can’t. With these five simple steps, even the red-shy can be wearing it proudly!

1. Start with a gloss: The simplest way to bring red into your life is with a gloss, preferably one with very light pigmentation (Fresh’s Sugar Shag is a good choice). Anyone can easily master the ‘just eaten a cherry popsicle’ look. Too much? Take that first baby step with a tinted lip balm, like Burt’s Bees in Rose or Red Dahlia.

2. Move on to a sheer lipstick: Once you’re comfortable with red in gloss form, add a bit more pigment with a sheer lipstick. Pat it on with your fingers for a subtler look. If you’re still unsure, keep your makeup simple to avoid feeling too made up.

3. Determine whether you’re cool- or warm-toned: The quickest way to determine your tone is to look at the veins on the back of your arms. If they are more bluish, you’re likely to be cool-toned. If they have a green cast, you’re warm-toned. What does this mean as far as red goes? Warm-toned ladies should look for reds with orange, yellow, or brown undertones (a brick red would be perfect). Cool-toned gals are going to look best in blue-based red or those with pink undertones (think cherry or wine). Confused? Get thee to MAC! You won’t find more red lipsticks anywhere else. Try on shades such as: Chili, which is a brownish orange-red, and Lady Bug, which is a yellow red, whereas Ruby Woo, Russian Red or MAC Red are all bluish red.

4. Exfoliate your lips: Nothing ruins a bright pout (red or otherwise) faster than chapped lips. A bit of prep will assure you’ve got a smooth canvas to work with. I love Sara Happ’s The Lip Scrub, but you DIY girls can make your own with sugar in a base of just about anything (Vaseline, honey, and cocoa butter all work great).

5. Invest in a lip brush: I’ve heard countless tips — from applying foundation to your lips (hello, cakey!) to lining the whole lip with a pencil first — but I’ve found the best way to apply is slowly, carefully, and with a lip brush. You’ll have more control of your application, which assures a cleaner, more precise line. Give red a try, ladies! You’re only five steps away from a more glamorous you — I promise.

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