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SRSLY’s Serious Obsession with Birchbox Co-Founder Katia’s Hair

Birchbox Co-Founder Katia’s hair has been a major source of envy around our office for quite some time now. No matter the day, rain or shine, her locks are always perfectly tousled, her waves are epic, and her updos are to die for. Le sigh. We have a pretty obvious hair crush.

Watch the video above to find out all the deets on her hair routine! 


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Happy Valentines Day! Get Ready For Date Night (Or Girls’ Night) With Our New Video

Whether you’re sharing a romantic evening with your steady or having a girls night out, Valentine’s Day is one time you definitely want to feel great. Watch our new video for the fool-proof date night makeup routine that you can even do in a rush. PLUS, if you do have a date tonight, you might want to send your guy this video


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Behind-the-Scenes: Filming Drab to Fab in One City Block

Have you seen our brand new video, Drab to Fab in One City Block yet? It’s like Mission Impossible and The Matrix meets beauty tutorial—and we had sooo much fun filming it (on a freezing cold day in December). Watch the video below, tell us what you think, and THEN enter to win all the products featured in the video. Details below:

ENTER TO WIN: What are your on-the-go tips for going from #DrabToFab? Share them on Twitter with the hashtag #DrabToFab and then link to this video for a chance to win the products featured in this video! You have until Sunday 2/3 to share. We’ll choose one winner by random and notify them by Twitter Direct Message.


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6 Volumizing Tricks for Thin Hair


In a world where Blake Lively's full, seemingly-endless locks reign supreme, having fine hair can feel like a curse. Rather than heading to the salon for a drastic treatment or attempting a scary Donald Trump-esque comb over, try these Birchbox-tested (and approved!) volumizing tricks to fake a thicker mane


Oscar Blandi’s invisible Pronto Texture and Volume Spray amplifies puny strands and creates a sexy, tousled texture. 

How We Protect Our Hair From Heat Styling


Clockwise from top left: Oscar Blandi’s permanent place on our desks; Staffer Charlie curling her hair; Community Manager Rachel zhuzhing Katia’s strands; the product we’re totally obsessed with now.

At any given moment, Birchbox staffers have been known to breakout any number of heat styling tools to whip lackluster curls into shape or straighten strands that have gone haywire. Case in point: our very own Katia, with a little help from Community Manager Rachel, and Charlie demonstrate their at-desk hair styling expertise in the photo above. 

But whether we’re heading out to fancy cocktails or just heading into a meeting, we never reach for our styling tools without protecting our hair first. Which is why we can’t get enough of Oscar Blandi’s Pronto Dry Styling Heat Protect Spray

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Last-Minute Gift Guide: What Birchbox Staffer Jenn is Getting Her BFF

Eek, it’s the final hour for gift-finding! Just in case you still haven’t found presents for your loved ones, here’s some last-minute inspiration courtesy of our staffers. Today, our Technical Product Manager Jenn is sharing her top 5 picks for her bestie, Jimelle. (December 19th is the last day to order from our Shop to receive your orders by December 24. Go now!)


My friend Jimelle is an über-traveler. I’ve known her since high school and we’ve done a lot of traveling together. For example, this past summer we went on a cross-country road trip visiting as many states as possible along the way. But Jimelle also travels a lot for work—from Florida to India, so she lives out of a suitcase for a good part of the year. That’s why my picks for her this year are all carry-on friendly:

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Our Favorite 5-Minute Holiday Hair Tutorial

We’re well into holiday party season, and that means you need some new tricks for wowing your friends, family and coworkers—especially when you’re going straight from the office to the party. Our favorite style this season is an upside-down roll, also known as a Gibson roll. It takes less than five minutes but looks like it requires way more effort. Watch as we show you how to create this sophisticated updo. 


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Gift Set Bonanza: A Skin-Perfecting Trio, an Oscar Blandi + Cargo Must-Have & More


Last week, we rounded up some of this season’s top gift sets. Well there’s more where that came from. We’ve stocked our Holiday Shop with unquestionably awesome gift sets that are guaranteed to please even the pickiest on your shopping list. How do we know? Well, just check out what our savvy customers—and discerning beauty lovers—had to say!

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How To Stop Hat Hair: Hairistocracy

Taylor Swift sporting an adorable red beanie paired with her signature red lips. (Photo:

It’s time to break out the hats, ladies! As we witnessed here in New York last week (hello, Nor’easter!), winter is closer than we’d like to admit. While cold weather can be a bummer, I’ve never been more excited for it since that means I can finally don the season’s latest hats. 

There’s one very important thing that calls for your attention though, when wearing a chapeau: every hat must eventually come off, and that means the inevitable return of hat hair. So how are you going to keep your strands beautifully voluminous and tousled beneath your favorite beanie?  

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