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Love Notes: How a Traditional Soap Solved One Customer’s Acne Woes

Nerd alert: one of our favorite things to do is read the customer reviews in the Birchbox Shop. You all are an opinionated bunch—and we like it! We especially love the love letters you write to your favorite products. (Though we’re still waiting on the haikus and iambic pentameter.) From time to time, we’ll be highlighting extrasweet customer serenades. First up: a life-changing soap.


Tall, dark, and effective—it’s no wonder that blemish-prone ladies have been falling for Shea Terra Organics’ Authentic African Black SoapMade with healing oils, this vitamin-rich soap is known for its ability to clear up breakouts and lessen signs of aging. We could wax on poetically about its restorative powers, but we’ll let Avianka take over:

“I had been researching black soap and its medicinal benefits, as I have maturing acne prone combination skin—not a pretty thing to deal with at age 33! After reading some of the reviews on the Birchbox website, I decided to give this black soap a go. Let me tell you, it is simply amazing….more then I ever wished it to be! In just two weeks, It has done wonders for my skin. I am seeing an even and brightened tone with no blemishes brewing! I am looking forward to a long healthy relationship with this soap. I have clean, fresh, vibrant skin that is FINALLY acne free! Thank you so much BB! <3”

She’s convinced us—have you tried this miracle-worker? 


Have your own product paramour? Pen a love letter to your favorite Birchbox products by leaving a customer review! 

5 All-Natural Beauty Products That Work Like Magic


Here’s a major beauty myth: Natural products can’t hold up to traditional formulations in terms of performance. In reality, there are plenty of green brands that can deliver the same results—without any skin-irritating additives. Here are five must-try all-natural creations we’re crazy about:

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Alicia Silverstone’s Pretty Products For Juice Beauty: Today’s Obsession

What do you get when you pair a vegan, environmentally-minded actress with an awesomely, efficacious organic beauty brand? The recent collection of ladylike products from Alicia Silverstone for Juice Beauty.

The actress, once known primarily as the ditzy blond, Cher Horowitz, from Clueless, is best known today for her commitment to veganism and environmental activism. Juice Beauty is known for their dedication to truly organic products that don’t sacrifice quality for marketing or cost. In other words it’s a match made in heaven.

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5 Awesome Eco-Friendly Brands To Add Into Your Routine

We fell hard for Natalie Alcala last fall, when the LA-based writer and blogger spent a week guest blogging for us. In fact, we loved her posts so much that we asked her to be a contributing editor. In addition to blogging for us once a week, she’ll also be writing for the Birchbox Magazine and keeping us up to speed on all things fashion, beauty, and fun.

Did you know that Earth Day is this Sunday, April 22? In addition to contributing to one of the many green organizations taking part in this vital eco-friendly holiday, I’ll also incorporate more organic products into my beauty routine. Here’s a roundup of some of my favorite ecologically-inclined brands to date.

1. Josie Maran Cosmetics: Actress and model Josie Maran is ridiculously gorgeous, wildly talented, and cares deeply about her environment. (In other words, she’s perfect.) Her sophisticated range of beauty products contain pure and gentle formulas that are free of parabens, toxins, and animal testing. To remedy split ends, I’m loving her 100% Pure Argan Oil ($48) that is organically grown in Morrocco.

2. Pangea Organics: I’m obsessed with all things Pangea Organics. Not only has the brand’s arsenal of skincare savers made a major impact on my complexion, but they stay true to their formula mantra: “Always beneficial, never artificial.” All of their products are free of harmful ingredients like petrochemicals, paraben, and GMOs and are sourced using fair trade practices whenever possible. Their Facial Cleanser for Oily to Combination Skin ($28) is sublime.

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Guest Blogger: Ecofabulous Loves Juice

For April’s Birchbox, we teamed up with the well-respected green chic site, Ecofabulous. Their experts helped us pick several of the environmentally-friendly goodies featured in this month’s box and founder Zem Joaquin even generously served as our latest Birchbox Crush. This week we’re hearing from Caitlin Bristol, the site’s creative director. Today she’s musing on one of our new favorite brands, Juice Beauty. 

With organic food proving to be more than a passing fad, it’s only a natural to also shift the focus from what goes into our bodies to what we slather onto them. (FYI: 60 percent of what you apply to your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream.)

Juice Beauty is an organic skincare line we’ve followed from day one, happily cheering them on as they exploded into stores like Sephora and Whole Foods (and yes, Birchbox!). The entire ecofabulous staff uses many of their products daily. The Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer ($65) feels silky smooth, and is guaranteed to have the same effect on your skin. And the Green Apple Peel ($45) smells like sweet apples and is chock-full of antioxidant goodness to protect from environmental damage.

What’s really exciting, though, is that Juice Beauty has been taking even more eco-strides in their business. Not only do they source local, organic ingredients, but they also use 100 percent recycled packaging and print everything with soy-based inks. Free of anything bad for either human or environmental health (which are one-in-the-same as far as we’re concerned), Juice Beauty products are a great option for those fed up with all the unnatural stuff pervading our skincare regimes.

Effective and organic, check out more of Juice Beauty’s offerings in the Birchbox Shop.