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Sneak Peek: Birchbox April 2013

We’re a few days into April now and a new month means a new Birchbox is just around the corner. This month we’ve teamed up with Women’s Health to bring you a box themed around “Tiny Tweaks, Big Rewards.” We’re carrying that idea through everything we do this month—from our beauty routines, to our diets, our relationships, and more.

Watch the video above to get an early look at some of the products heading to our members this month. PLUS, be sure to keep an eye out for more videos and articles launching soon with all manner of ideas for small ways to improve your life big time. Happy Spring!


Get a head start on planning your weekends by taking a look at our April Agenda. You’ll find ideas for the best things to see, read, and do this month. 

We’re Working With Women’s Health for April!


Anyone who reads this blog knows two things: We’re just as crazy about wellness as we are about beauty. In addition to being regulars at our local gyms (hello Equinox) and curious juicers, we’re devoted to Women’s Health. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be teaming up with the magazine for our April Birchbox! All of our monthly subscribers will receive a box curated by the mag’s (totally toned) editorial team, and trust us when we say that the lineup—which includes brands like Kiehl’s, Simple, Supergoop, and Ojon—is in great shape. (That’s a fitness joke, get it?)

Not so much into working out? Fear not. The theme is “tiny tweaks, big results,” which means we’ll be talking about all the ways you can improve your overall wellbeing.

Best of all, anyone who is a current subscriber or signs up for the April box will receive an offer for one full year of Women’s Health—for free.  

Click here to learn more about this exciting partnership and to sign up for the Women’s Health box if you’re not already a subscriber. 

How to Create Classic Waves With Pin Curls

We’ve been on a bit of a retro kick with our hair lately and The Oscars last weekend reinforced our love of cascading waves. Can we get some of whatever Jessica Chastain is having? Pin curls are one way to get classic, old-Hollywood waves—plus they’re the basis for lots of updos since they make it easy to build lots of volume in your hair. Watch our tutorial above, with Ojon lead stylist Gwynne Mims, for the step-by-step instructions on how to score this vintage-inspired look. 


Find our favorite Ojon products in the Birchbox Shop.

3 Ways to Make Your TV Habit Way More Healthy


We’re only hours away from the Oscars and with it, the prospect of sitting in front of the TV for four-plus hours. While this week is a bit extreme, most of us have our own Sunday night viewing rituals (any fellowThe Good Wife fans out there?). 

For someone like me, who neglects cuticles till they’re ragged and spaces out on regular facials, Sunday nights are my time to catch up on both my favorite shows and my beauty rituals. (Let the record also show that I’m impatient and love to multitask.) Here are three ways that I’m making my tube time more healthy:

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Join Us For a Twitter Chat With Ojon!

While we’ll always have a soft spot in our hearts for tousled beachy waves, lately we’ve been more inspired by the vintage hairstyles we’ve seen all over the red carpets and in our favorite TV shows (hello, Downton Abbey). We enlisted Ojon’s lead stylist, Gwynne Mims, to help us create gorgeous classic waves with pin curls—a look that’s eye-catching all on its own or stunning when pulled back into a flattering updo.

Lucky for us, Gwynne’s sharing her expertise in more ways than just the video above. Join us today for a Twitter chat with Gwynne at 12:30pm ET, and you can ask for advice on which products to use for your hair type, the secret to styling the perfect curls, and any other burning questions you might have about your strands! Simply make sure you are following @Birchbox and @Ojon  and tweet your questions using hashtag #AskOjon. By tweeting with the hashtag you’ll be entered to win a full-size version of all the products Gwynne uses in the video above! Plus, we’re so excited that we’ll be joined by the @BirchboxUK team who’ll be fielding questions from their followers across the pond, making this our first ever international Twitter chat!


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A Mesmerizing Hair Routine That Mends Stressed Strands


Remember those red and yellow lava lamps they sold in mall gift shops back in the 90s? I really sort of loved them. For all their kitschy and hilarious tendencies, I was always transfixed when I would watch those pretty orbs of color gently floating up and down. Which is why I got excited when I found an unexpected haircare star that bears a striking resemblance to the ill-fated lighting devices: Ojon’s rare blend™ oil Total Hair Therapy

I’ve been eyeing this futuristic three-tiered oil ever since it landed in the Birchbox Shop. Not only does the strikingly colored bottle look awesome (and hit those nostalgic heart strings for me), it really works to restore damaged hair—and some of you will have the chance to try it yourselves in this month’s Birchbox! If patience is not your strong suit, click through to learn more about what to expect from this versatile product. 

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My Top 10 Beauty Product Stocking Stuffers: Guest Blogger

Emily Loftiss, of Loftiss Says…, is a style and beauty maven who can take even the worst fashion debacle and make it a winning situation—who else could turn an old, too-small dress into an awesome style find from your own closet?  This week, she’s telling us her top shopping picks for the holidays, her 5-minute trick to scoring gorgeous night out makeup, and more.

Oh, it’s that time of year when you are looking for gifts for everyone from your bestie to your grandmother. Instead of buying her items that might just take up space and leave her unimpressed (mom, I still don’t forgive you for the orange in the foot of my stocking!) check out my fool proof list below. Grab even a few of these and I promise you’ll hit it out of the park!


1. Dr. Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads

This product is magical in every way—it gives you a gorgeous, healthy glow! Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to have that golden look. Plus, the packets are perfect for traveling too!

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Birchbloggers Share Their Haircare Concerns!

Everyone has something they wish they could change about their hair. Some of us struggle with oiliness, while others complain that their hair is dry and damaged. If you’re anything like us you’ve developed a regimen of styles and products to combat your personal hair problems. Last week, we asked our Birchbloggers to share their best tips for dealing with their haircare concerns. We picked two of our favorites to feature here and they’ll each be winning a set of Ojon products!

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Calling All Bloggers: What’s your biggest haircare concern?

Whether it’s frizz, flatness, or oil, everyone has something they’d love to change about their hair. Over the years, we all develop our own methods for combating these haircare woes. For example, our Community Manager, Rachel, swears by Miss Jessie’s® Original Quick Curls to fight frizz, while Relationship Manager Jillian is a dry shampoo fiend due to her oily roots. 

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