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5 Questions For…Grace Lee, Founder of Nine Naturals

Grace Lee is the founder of Nine Naturals, a young company focused on making beauty safe and simple for moms and moms-to-be. Every item they produce is 100% natural, which means no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, BPAs, triclosans, artificial chemicals, or synthetic dyes. We sat down with Lee to chat about the inspiration behind her superhealthy line and the rewards and challenges of being a beauty entrepreneur.


1. Where did the idea for Nine Naturals come from? 

The inspiration for the line came, not surprisingly, from my own pregnancy. I was reading articles and research about how chemicals in beauty products could be absorbed through the skin and could harm a developing fetus. Yet, when I went to the store to look for safer, natural products, I ran into two problems: 1. Not all products that say they are natural are 100% natural or safe and 2. Many natural products don’t perform well. I wanted to create a line of products that was not only 100% plant-based, but also high-performing, offering women peace of mind that their beauty products are healthy and safe enough to use during pregnancy, nursing, and beyond.


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