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4 DIY Beauty Treatments for Foodies

We fell hard for Natalie Alcala last fall, when the LA-based writer and blogger spent a week guest blogging for us. In fact, we loved her posts so much that we asked her to be a contributing editor. In addition to blogging for us once a week, she’ll also be writing for the Birchbox Magazine and keeping us up to speed on all things fashion, beauty, and fun.

Photo: Stylo Girl

Although there are a host of fantastic beauty products on the market today, sometimes it’s nice to go back to basics and utilize the foods that contain natural beauty benefits. After you’ve graduated from the good old cucumber slice as a natural eye de-puffer trick, there are tons of other earth-friendly recipes out there that can be executed using yummy products from your fridge. Who knew that playing with your food could be a good thing? Here are four fun treatments to whip up at home:

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Naturally Silky Skin with Zum Bar: Guest Blogger

This week’s guest blogger, Vida Lee, hits close to home for us—literally! She’s a beauty guru based in our hometown: New York City. Aside from being a product addict, she’s also a medical school student (whoa!) who makes time on the side for her pretty blog, P.S. It’s Vida. Over the next few days, the smarty savant will be sharing her greatest tips and tricks for staying prepped and primed for summer.

I’m not one to fuss about natural beauty products, but when a great one comes my way, I’m all about it. One of my recent finds is Indigo Wild’s Zum Bar. This all-natural soap is made from goat’s milk that balances out your pH, so it doesn’t doesn’t dry your skin out or leave it oily. 

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Visit Your Grocery Store for the Latest Beauty Trend: Yogurt!

By now we know how good yogurt can be for our diet and digestion (yes, I’m looking at you, Jamie Lee Curtis).  But a new skin care line called Dairyface — yes, really — is bringing awareness to the skin healing properties of yogurt. Since I’ve tried weirder things to combat acne, I’m not opposed to the idea. 

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Send us Your Natural Beauty Questions!

We’re getting ready for tonight’s Twitter party with Weleda and The Gloss and thinking up our biggest natural beauty questions and concerns. (For one thing, is there such thing as a stink-eliminating natural deodorant?) Now it’s your turn: post your questions or concerns, along with your Twitter handle (or full name), in the comments below. We’ll answer them during our party!

Remember: Log on tonight from 7-8:30pm and follow @Weleda, @TheGlossDotCom, and @Birchbox - Tweet us with the hashtag #gonatural and you could win one of three sweet Weleda prize packs! Full deets here.

See you tonight!

We’re Throwing a Party with Weleda and The Gloss!

We’ll be giving away three of these awesome Weleda sets, each worth $95.

On Twitter, that is. Next Thursday, May 5th, we’re teaming up with Weleda and The Gloss for a digital natural beauty chat. Here’s how it works: From 7-8:30 pm, experts from The Gloss (@theglossdotcom) and Weleda (@weleda), plus Birchbox (@birchbox), will be answering all your burning questions. Simply follow us (if you don’t already) and tweet us your questions using the hashtag #gonatural. 

Want to know which plant-based ingredients cure acne? We can tell you! Hunting for an eco-friendly cleanser? We have ideas. Befuddled by parabens? We’ll explain. We’ll also be giving away three fantastic Weleda skincare sets during party. Each includes a Gentle Cleansing Milk, a Refining Toner, Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Lotion, and Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream for a total value of $95. Everyone who uses the hashtag #gonatural will be entered to win.

It’s not quite a Cinco de Mayo fiesta but we highly encourage sipping a margarita while we talk all things beauty. Tweet you next week!



In the meantime, read about Weleda and their plant-tastic products.

Om Aroma: West Village Beauty Discovery

Om Aroma Co.’s darling travel kit.

Now that we have our new Foursquare page, we’re even more intent on scouting out the city’s (and country’s) best spots. This past weekend, Hayley stumbled (ok, walked by) Om Aroma and Co., an eco-friendly beauty lounge and shop in the West Village. Founder Angela Jia Kim is relentless about healthy skincare and formulates all her products using organic natural ingredients. No parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, mineral oil, synthetics…the list goes on. The locally made line includes skincare, body products, and candles — we are itching to try them out, especially the amazing looking Red Raspberry Day Serum and Pumpkin Seed Night Serum. We’ll be back soon for her signature OmYoga Facial (sucker for anything with yoga in the title), but for now we’re going to give Kim’s one-minute facial a try

Brush up on your green beauty know-how with our crib sheet.

Check out some of our favorite skincare in the Birchbox Shop.

Skincare Tips from Well and Good’s Melisse Gelula

Photo: Larkin Clark

Wellness guru Melisse Gelula, co-founder of Well and Good NYC, takes her skincare very seriously. When I talked to her for this month’s Birchbox Crush, we spent nearly an hour chatting about different types of cleansers, exfoliators, oils, serums, and moisturizers. The big takeaway? Switch things up. Your skin changes from day to day, season to season. The products that work perfectly during the winter aren’t going to translate to summer. Thanks to her, I’ve swapped out my usual salicylic acid wash, which was too drying on my skin during wintertime, and am using a creamy cleansing milk by Dr. Hauschka instead. I’ve also thrown a face oil and rich moisturizer into the mix—both to great effect. Read her 7 Habits of Highly Effective Skincare now—it’ll change the way you think about your products.


For more of Melisse’s natural beauty and skincare tips, read her Birchbox Crush.