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Confessions of a Lazy Girl: How I Fake a Professional Polish

Working at Birchbox involves a strange paradox: I spend my days knee-deep in the latest and greatest beauty products, yet I’m so busy that by necessity, I’ve become a huge fan of product minimalism. Let’s be clear: I still want to look polished. But I don’t want to work for it. Which is why I adore these highly ambitious products—they work for me.  

Grand Central Beauty S.M.A.R.T. Skin Perfecting Polisher

Confession: When it comes to my skincare habits, I have my good weeks and I have my bad weeks. It’s not hard to tell which is which. Naturally, I leap at the chance to reverse the damage. Grand Central Beauty’s genius skin polisher takes just 30 seconds to exfoliate, peel, tone, and moisturize my stressed-out complexion. And I don’t even have to rinse—the rub-in formula beads up on your skin, allowing you to brush off the residue and get on with your day (just follow with moisturizer and the rest of your routine). I use it to nip breakouts in the bud and fake a healthy glow even when I’m running on fumes.

Sienna Naturals Baobab Oil Moisturizing Hair & Body Shampoo

I’ll admit to being a chronic abuser of the snooze button. When my sleep-in habits get out of control, nothing streamlines my weekday shower routine like this two-in-one hair and body cleanser. Instead of relying solely on dry shampoos, I can quickly lather up and rinse off without switching bottles—or worrying about toxic ingredients. Originally formulated for moms-to-be, this cleanser sticks to the natural basics. It has skin-helpers like moisturizing baobab oil and acne-busting lavender oil. Bonus: Geranium oil fades dark spots on skin and strengthens strands. Now that’s a double win. 

Jouer Tint in Amaryllis

Flawless skin, check. One-step cleanser, check. To top things off, there’s nothing like a hint of blush to make me look fresh-faced when I’m rushing out the door. Jouer has always seemed to really understand my skin—they’ve never produced a product that makes me look overly done-up, just pretty in a natural, work-appropriate way. Their dual-purpose lip and cheek tint adds a fresh hint of pink to both places. (And okay, it’s hard to resist a shade called Amaryllis—it has my name in it, for crying out loud.)


Love a healthy glow as much as I do? Score a free Jouer Tint in Amaryllis when you spend $25+ on Jouer products in our Shop! But hurry—supplies run out quickly.   

The Multi-Tasking Cream That Our French Editors Are Obsessed With


What is it? Egyptian Magic Skin Cream. A cult-favorite, 100 percent natural balm. It’s made with just six powerhouse ingredients, including olive oil, bee pollen, and royal jelly extract. 

Who’s it for? Busy folks who are always on the move and need time-saving products, plus anyone who has a sensitive skin condition like psoriasis or eczema. You can use Egyptian Magic as a face cream, a hair mask, a burn treatment—you name it.

Direct from Birchbox France: ”This is one of our bestselling products in France and I use it all the time. Every girl in the Birchbox France office has a jar on her desk. It’s for every skintype—dry, combination or even acne-prone. I use it mostly as a lip balm and as a night cream, but I also love using it as a makeup remover to take off my mascara and as a cuticle oil for my nails. It’s literally good for everything, and the best part is that it doesn’t smell at all.” —Mathilde, Editorial Director Birchbox FR

Can’t wait to get your hands on this do-it-all cream? Here it is in the Birchbox Shop.

Say Hello to Mally in the Birchbox Shop!

In case you missed it, earlier today we hosted our first-ever streaming Google+ Hangout with celebrity makeup artist and Mally Beauty founder Mally Roncal! You asked your questions live, and Mally answered with all her awesome tips and “gorgois” (that’s pronounced gor-JWAH, bien sûr) flare. 

Catch up in the video above—from the proper order for layering makeup to a no-fuss look that’s perfect for school—then check out Mally’s standout multitasking products in the Birchbox Shop. (We’re big fans of Mally’s Look five piece collection—it has everything that we need to primp for a night out). 

Are you a Mally fan? Tell us your favorite product in the comments below!

Some of our subscribers will be receiving Mally products in their August Birchbox—which you can still get! Here’s how you can join in the fun.

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Make your TV time count by adding in these three multi-tasking activities, while catching up on your favorite shows.

Armani Debuts a Polish Collection, Warby Parker to Open a Store, And More


Make your TV time count by adding in these three multi-tasking activities, while catching up on your favorite shows.


One of our all time favorite Multitaskers, the NARS Multiple, gets the Birchbox treatment in our how-to video.

Multitasking Weekend Promotion

Don’t you just love when you can buy one thing, and it instantly solves a whole bunch of problems? We’re calling these beauty wonders “Multitaskers" because they simplify our lives and free up time for other things we love, like watching Youtube videos! In fact, we love them so much we’re offering a special promotion on all the Multitaskers in the Birchbox shop.

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Questions about how our points system works or want to earn even more points? Read all about it in our handy guide.