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The Cartoon Makeup Phenomenon (And the Cartoons That Are Ready For Their Own Collections!)

I’m going to go out on a limb and say you’re probably familiar with at least one of the special edition makeup collections based on cartoons that have come out in the last few years. From the MAC Wonder Woman and Miss Piggy collections to a Too Faced Smurfette Collection, not to mention the myriad Hello Kitty collaborations, it’s been hard to escape them.  

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Notable Quotables: Miss Piggy!

Notable Quotables is a weekly series featuring a great quote. Whether it’s the founder of a beloved beauty brand, an eccentric makeup artist making headlines, or even a super-stylish celebrity, our favorite tastemakers always have something worth sharing. This week our quote features our all-time favorite Muppet, the glamorous Miss Piggy. She dished about the products in her clutch to Marie Claire — including some very protective sunscreen.

"I have very sensitive skin. My dermatologist said, ‘You don’t tan, you bake.’"

— Miss Piggy, regarding the SPF 65 sunblock she has on hand at all times.

You might not be quite as susceptible to sun damage as Miss Piggy, but protecting your skin in the winter is just as important as during those hot summer months. Read our guide to sun protection to find the right sunscreen for you.