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How Yogini and Meditation Expert Elena Brower Keeps Her Cool


Elena Brower is one of our favorite yoga and meditation gurus. This month, the founder and co-owner of Virayoga in New York City taught us how to stay zen in our daily lives. She also gave us a glimpse into her daily life and the regular ways she brings tranquility to her frenetic schedule.

I spray Lotus Wei’s Infinite Love spray on my face and hair—often. Also, I eat a lot of Wei of Chocolate’s Love Chocolate, and Yoga Earth Keen-Wah chocolate bars (one a day keeps all drama away). Yes, lots of chocolate. You’re seeing a theme. I also hug my child. Hug time is every morning between waking up and eating breakfast, and it’s a very holy and hilarious time. I make sure to tell my man why I’m grateful for him before we go to sleep, and I eat at least one meal with dark green leaves in it. I also take Isotonix vitamins.


Looking for tips on how to meditate? Follow these five easy steps.

Learning to Meditate in Five Steps

Meditation queen Elena Brower. 

Tuesday night, I stopped by a Well + Good NYC event at Red Flower's sleek Nolita boutique. To celebrate the release of their new delicious-smelling soy candles (available at Barney’s), Red Flower hosted an in-store meditation session — exactly what I needed after a nutty day!

That being said, I’m not great at sitting still. My brain is always buzzing with endless to do lists and honestly, sitting in lotus position means squished ankles. (Ow.) Enter my new spiritual guru, Elena Brower of Virayoga. Minutes into her guided meditation, I was relaxed, centered, and had blocked out New York’s never-ending honks and tire squeals. Mastering meditation can take years, but with Brower’s expert tips, you can find a little peace everyday, too. Click through a step-by-step, five-minute meditation plan.

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