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My Must-Have Snack For a 60-Mile Bike Ride

My trusty steed: an adorable (and rugged?) blue Bilenky bike. 

Many moons ago, in my pre-Birchbox days, I took a two week bike trip through Virginia with my good friend Geraldine. We called our epic journey Bikes and Biscuits, alluding to both our mode of transportation and the reward we expected to find at the end of each arduous climb. (Virginia is hilly. Very hilly.)

Now, I’m a snacker on a normal day, but when I’m biking between 35 and 60 miles in one go, I turn into an absolute snack machine. While Geraldine focused on planning our routes and booking hotels, I did what I do best: provisioned. We needed snacks that were portable, energy-filled, and delicious without being sugary. So after careful consideration of all the options, I filled our panniers with lots and lots of Luna Bars. (And emergency chocolate, but that’s another story.) 

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VIDEO: Top 4 In-Flight Beauty Tips

We’ve all been there: you get to the airport excited to start your trip and then 6, 8, 10 hours later you step off the plane disheveled, tired-looking, and dehydrated. But long flights don’t have to be miserable. If you’re going on vacation in the next few months (or even if you’re just dreaming about the beach) you’ll want to brush up on our tips for staying happy and healthy throughout the flight. Take a few precautions, and you’ll step off the plane looking just as fresh and chic as when you arrived at the airport. 


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