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Reading List: Oscar Beauty Suites, the 10 Minute Workout, Hollywood’s Best Comb-Overs, and More

We know you don’t have oodles of time to browse through everything in the Birchbox Magazine each week. Here’s a short list of the top posts that we don’t want you to miss.

1. Fitness Made Fun: Got 10 minutes? Then you have time to complete this high impact workout from Under Armour.

2. Hollywood’s Most Memorable Comb Overs: In honor of Irving Rosenfeld’s extraordinary coiffure craftsmanship in American Hustle, Birchbox Man presents their favorite television and movie comb overs of all time.

3. What It’s Really Like Inside an Oscar Beauty Suite: Writer Natalie Alcala gives us a behind-the-scenes look at Hollywood’s VIP awards show beauty sanctuaries.

4. So You Think You Don’t Like Lipliner: We love this adorable .GIF guide to lipliner from our colleagues in the Spain office.

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Birchbox December 2013: Sneak Peek!

It’s finally here! The first look at December’s holiday-tastic Birchbox. In this Sneak Peek, our co-founder Hayley and editorial director Mollie discuss the sparkly, shiny highlights from this month’s box. From a duo of pout-perfect chubby lip pencils to a multi-tasking healing balm from Jessica Alba’s natural skincare line, we’ve got you covered from head to toe. Keep in mind these are just a few of the products our subscribers will receive—we have to keep some secrets after all! 

Want to get your hands on all the featured samples in the video? Answer the question at the end of the video in the YouTube comments and you’ll automatically be entered to win. We’ll pick one winner on Dec 30 and notify them via YouTube message. To steal a line from Catching Fire, “May the odds be ever in your favor!”


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How to: The Ombre Lip Fade

Take a quick twirl through Pinterest and you’ll notice that along with hand-crafted mason jar chandeliers, two-toned lips are having a major moment. The purposefully faded look draws attention to your face and lets you show off two of your favorite lip hues. Here, our always-chic French coworkers show us how to pull off this secretly simple makeup style.


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The Surprising Trick You Should Use to Find Your Perfect Red Lipstick


Jouer’s Perfect Red Collection, from left to right: Lana, Simone, Grace, Sophia, Ava. (As you can see, somebody loved Grace a lot.)

Even if I’d love to rock a gorgeous no-holds-barred bold lip everyday, the truth is that on a regular basis I love more natural looking makeup. I recently discovered Jouer, a brand that’s synonymous with crafting beautiful looks using eye-catching colors, while somehow keeping the overall feel very au naturale.

The coolest trick that I’ve learned from the brand lately? Well, for one: Everyone has a perfect red lip color that they can wear all the time (without feeling intimidated). And two: The secret to which red you should be choosing lies not in the makeup aisle, but in your closet. Jouer has created a smart system to help you identify your most flattering shade of crimson using their Perfect Red Collection as a guide. Here’s how it works:

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Say Hello To My All-Time Favorite Lipgloss: stila’s lip glaze


A fraction of my ever-growing stila collection. Shades from bottom to top:  joy, black cherry, and holly. 

Admitting you have a problem is half the battle—so here goes nothing: Hi, My name is Ally and I am a lipgloss addict. My obsession started in the 6th grade. It was Christmas. Deep within my stocking lurked something completely new—a Bonnie Bell Lip Smacker in Pink Lemonade. I can still remember the spot-on flavor and light pink sheen like it was, yesterday. One swipe and I. was. hooked. 

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How Many Lipsticks Does One Girl Need?

Some girls rely on one go-to lip color, but I’m a firm believer that every occasion requires its own special shade. While a sexy red is fun for going out, I’ll opt for a neutral when I’m headed to a job interview. A new favorite is ModelCo’s Party Proof Lipsticks, which come in a variety of hues and feel great on my lips. The formulas are packed with hydrators and they’re very long-lasting so you don’t have to worry about frequent reapplication. 

Watch our video and see what colors we recommend for a variety of different situations. Then let us know in the comments below how many lipsticks do you think you need? 


With so many places to be, you’ll need to spruce up throughout the day. See what our Beauty Partnerships team uses to freshen up fast!

Giorgio Armani’s Lipstick Revolution, Jin Soon x Tibi, and More 
Giorgio Armani is debuting a new lipstick line this fall that replaces standard lipstick formulas with a new technology that both moisturizes and rejuvenates tissue at the cellular level. [Marie Claire] 
Here’s a peek at the shoe collections women amass under their desks. [The Cut] 
Polish master Jin Soon is taking manicures to the next level with her new color-changing shades for Tibi. [Refinery29]
Here’s a comprehensive look at Gwyneth Paltrow’s hair transformations dating back to 1991. [Daily Makeover]
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Giorgio Armani’s Lipstick Revolution, Jin Soon x Tibi, and More 

Are you a Birchbox subscriber yet? Here’s how you can sign up for the fun.

"My Lipstick Story"

We love a bold lip. It attracts attention, brightens up the face, and just looks fantastic. But for the same reasons that lipstick is awesome, it can also be incredibly intimidating. That’s why were were so drawn to beauty vlogger and comedian Franchesca Ramsey's latest video, “My Lipstick Story.”

"My Lipstick Story" is about Ramsey’s insecurity about her lips growing up. To her, they looked like "identical burger buns" that didn’t need any more more attention with color. But a professional makeup session for a photoshoot last year changed all that and gave her the confidence to wear bold lipstick everyday. Our team can’t get enough of the ever-changing lipsticks in the video (think Beyonce’s Countdown video) and her inspiring monologue. 

For a while now, I’ve been fascinated with lipsticks. From the perfect classic red to the brightest neon pink, my beauty dream is to collect every single shade and color. But whenever opportunities to wear them come along (read: everyday), I swipe on a bright coral or deep plum and later wipe it right off in favor of a natural tint or a “my lips, but better” shade. You see, despite my love for lip color, the attention-drawing aspect of it intimidates me. I’ve always thought that it takes a certain confidence to pull off a bold lipstick, but while that may be true, Franchesca has inspired me to believe that a bold lip can also empower and make you feel beautiful too.

What’s your lipstick story? Tell us in the comments!


To ease into wearing brighter lip colors, I’m sporting these bold and easy-to-pull-off lipsticks.

Dispatch from Seoul: Gradient Lipstick is Huge Right Now

South Korea has become ground zero for beauty innovation in the last few years (BB creams, anyone?). Lucky for us, former Birchbox copywriter Mai is teaching English in Seoul this summer—and sending us weekly updates about her finds in beauty, food, and beyond. This week, she gives us the scoop on the hot lipstick trend sweeping the nation. 


Korea is always one step ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to beauty trends—so allow me to predict that by this time next summer, American women will be wearing gradient lipstick, a look that’s being sported by approximately 98 percent of the female population right now in Seoul. (Okay, that’s me guesstimating a little, but it seems like everyone is wearing it!)

While this trend may sound as bold as, say, bright blue eyeliner, it’s actually demure and natural-looking when done right. I learned from my photogenic subject Irene that the best way to get the look is to start by dusting your lips with a beige face powder, apply a nude lipstick, then finish with a bolder hue. Read on to get the full scoop! 

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