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Match Your Lipstick to Your Mood: Guest Blogger

Whether you’re looking for celebrity gossip, the best product for frizzy hair, or advice on what to wear to your cousin’s wedding, the gals at Lovelyish have got you covered. This week, a handful of the site’s staffers—Katie Kubiak, Annie Strole, and Allison Wheeler—are bringing their expertise to our blog in a series of five beauty and style how-tos.  


What I love most about makeup is its ability to convey your personality. It’s amazing what your eyes can communicate, but why not let your lipstick speak for you from time to time?  

Whether you realize it or not, your lip shade sends a message about your personality, so let’s figure out the best lipstick to match it!

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Prideful Colors

It was impossible to miss the burst of color that hit New York City this weekend after New York’s same-sex marriage bill was passed. On every street there were parades, flags, and people rejoicing in the most vibrant ways possible. If you’re feeling as inspired as I am after the past few days, these three essentials will help you add some bold shades to your look:

Lips—Give your lips a taste of something sassy with Lime Crime’s vivid shades. If you’re daring enough to keep up with the yellow trend, bright yellow New Yolk City is meant for you.

Eyes—Owning one funky eye color is nice, but owning nine is much more fun. Try out all the colors of the neon rainbow with Givenchy’s Le Prismissime 9-Colors Eyeshadow.

Nails—For many, nail color is your biggest beauty dare. OPI has every bright hue imaginable in their Brights collection. My personal favorite is Teal the Cows Come Home.


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A Week Of Fuchsia Lipstick: The Birchbox Beauty Diaries

The Birchbox Beauty Diaries is a regular feature where one of our staffers tries out a new beauty look every day for one week. Whether it’s lipstick or eyeshadow, different hairstyles or fun makeup techniques, our employees will give you five different ideas for how you can shake up your routine.

Staffer: Mollie

Title: Director of Content

A Week of: Fuchsia lipstick (Nothing scares her!)

Monday: Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in Spark, $23.69,

Mondays are always a bit of a trial so I definitely like a fun lip color. This gloss looks sparkly in the tube but goes on glossy and shimmery. It’s thick enough to add color but sheer enough that it’s not a crazy lip statement.

Tuesday:NARS Semi-Matte Lipstick in Funny Face, $24,

I discovered this perfect fuchsia through my friend Nandita, who spied it on the models at J. Crew’s Fall 2010 collection viewing. I’ve since turned many friends on to it. I love that it’s matte—when paired with a bare face, I feel almost Parisian.

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Let’s Talk Fuchsia (and Birchbox’s Official Lipstick)

There’s a lot of pink in Birchboxland. Which is funny, because despite our love of beauty, we’re not actually that girly. We like our gloss and baubles and all but at the end of the day, we’re in flats more than heels, we can fix things (not Mollie, but everyone else), and we’re pretty darn sporty. Still, when it came down to choosing a color scheme for our company, it had to be pink. Fuchsia, to be exact.Bright, emphatic, get happy pink. 

We’ve also discovered the ultimate Birchbox lipstick to go along with our pink motif — Lime Crime’s Centrifuchsia. It’s neon bright, awesomely moisturizing, and amazingly flattering. Don’t be surprised if you see the entire team (minus our intern, Patrick) sporting the same shade at our next event.