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Movie Magic: Creative’s Corner

Our creative team is pretty, well, creative and they come across beautiful imagery, design, and so much more all the time. Once a week, they’ll be sharing their latest inspirations—from pretty-hued wrapping paper to silly YouTube memes—so you can see the unexpected items that get them fired up.

Movies (clockwise from top left):  1. Moonrise Kingdom 2. In The Mood for Love 3. The Fall 4. 2001 A Space Odyssey 5. West Side Story 6. Lost in Translation

Whenever I’m looking for inspiration, I turn to films. I love how all the different parts of a movie work together in perfect harmony—the score, the story, the beautiful images. But what really makes a story successful for me is when I can pull out any single moment and feel like it’s just as evocative alone as when it’s part of a whole story. As a photographer, I strive to have that magic moment in everything that I create. 


Looking for more imagery to help fire up your creative side? Take a peek at the Creative Team’s Mood Boards

Team Intros: Meet Rebecca and Kathleen!

Ever wonder who the great minds are behind Birchbox’s pretty photos and gorgeous graphics? Here are two parts of our secret sauce: meet Kathleen and Rebecca, the newest additions to our Creative Team!

Rebecca, our new Graphic Designer, recently moved to the Big Apple after earning a BFA in Graphic Design and Drawing, plus a minor in Business—such a smarty pants—from University of Wisconsin-Madison. Rebecca kept herself busy the last semester of college with essentially five jobs (one internship, three jobs, and freelance work), and we’re happy to keep her just as busy here at Birchbox where she creates amazing graphics spotlighted in your boxes each month. We love her happy demeanor and bright smile just as much as her creative genius. Find out more about Rebecca after the jump!

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