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How Gorgeous Are Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel? Here’s How to Steal Their Looks Right Now


Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel at Time’s 100 most influential people gala earlier this week.

Like most worker bees, my 9 AM office routine follows a fairly familiar pattern. Trudge zombie-like towards coffee, browse my inbox for 10 minutes, then head to a gossip site to catch up on some celeb happenings. (Especially here, beauty news is important!)

This morning, I found myself swooning over a photo of America’s favorite newlyweds: the Timberlakes. While we don’t all have red-carpet galas to attend, these looks are still perfect for a night out on the town or a formal summer wedding. The former Ms. Biel looked radiant with bronze smoky eyes and a Bridgette Bardot-esque ‘do, and her beau looked particularly dashing in his updated 20/20 Experience look—we love the side-swept hair and fitted tuxedo. Whether you’re heading to a sophisticated fête or just a dinner with friends, follow these grooming tips to snag this A-list couple’s style. 

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How to Get Out of a Beauty Rut: Guest Blogger

Monique Valeris of home and design blog Decor Musings always has fantastic suggestions for how to spruce up your domestic space, but she’s also an avid beauty fan with a keen eye for products. Which is why she’s the perfect person to tell us how to meld our love of makeup and home design together. This week, she’s sharing her tips on the best beauty gifts for your house guests, the accent wall color she loves right now, and more.

Jessica Biel routinely changes up her beauty look by adding a touch of a new color, opting for bangs, or even trying innovative hairstyles. (Photo: Getty Images)

We all get stuck in an outdated beauty routine from time to time. So here are four easy tricks you can use to help shake things up: 

1. Take stock of the beauty products you currently have. Pay attention to the items that you use frequently as well as those you never reach for. Dividing them into two separate piles will help you see what you use too often and what you can experiment with more.

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Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake Are Married!: Our Dress and Makeup Predictions

We couldn’t be more excited for this power couple on their big day! (Photo:

We’ll admit it. We’ve been following the Jessica and Justin developments for a while now, and were pretty psyched when we found out that they were finally tying the knot in a secret ceremony this week in Italy. Now that they’ve made it official—for a rumored $6.5 million dollars, no less—we’re waiting with bated breath to see the first pictures of Jessica’s dress and, of course, her hair and makeup. Since we’ll have to wait until the next issue of People hits newsstands to see it, we decided to put our prediction skills to the test. Here are our best guesses for what Jessica’s look was:

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4 Amazing Beauty Looks From Last Night’s MTV Movie Awards

I’m an award show devotee and in my opinion, the MTV Movie Awards is one of the best for fashion and beauty looks. Unlike at the Oscars or the Emmys, which are more buttoned up, the MTV Movie Awards give celebs an excuse to have fun on the red carpet. This year’s event didn’t disappoint: from short shorts and high buns to orange lips and peek-a-boo jumpsuits, here are my four favorite looks from last night.

Jessica Biel: One thing Jessica Biel knows how to do extremely well: balance. The beauty showed a lot of leg last night, but her dress kept her nicely covered up on top. What’s more, her stick-straight strands nicely offset her billowy sleeves. Plus, you’ve gotta love anyone who can sport a perfectly blunt fringe. 

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What Beauty Essential Could You NEVER Go Without?

Jessica Biel, sans makeup. We’re going to give this barefaced look a try sometime soon. Really! (Photo:

It’s a well-established fact that Birchbox staffers are beauty addicts. There’s only so long you can work in an office with endless samples of nail polish, mascara, and lipsticks before every new color and item is something you swear you can’t live without. But we’re cutting through all the fat and finding out what the absolute essentials really are. We asked three staffers to tell us the items that they truly can’t leave the house without, and here are the must-have beauty products that they listed:

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Jessica Biel’s Huge Ring, Jen Aniston’s Pricey Beauty Routine, and More: Reading List

After a few days of nice weather here in NYC, we’re totally ready for spring. Since Sunday marks the beginning of Daylight Saving Time, we finally feel like it’s within reach. To get you excited for the changing seasons, just watch the below Longchamp video starring Coco Rocha.

  • Jessica Biel finally revealed her engagement ring from Justin Timberlake. No surprise here, it’s huge. [Refinery29]
  • One of fashion’s most eccentric personalities, Jean Paul Gaultier, has just teamed up with Diet Coke in Europe. The designer will replace Karl Lagerfeld as creative director. “The bottles have the shape of a woman’s body, so it was great fun to dress them,” said Gaultier of the role. [WWD]
  • In fragrance news, two new launches were announced this week. The first is excitingly from Swarovski. The second is less thrilling, Adam Levine will debut a men’s and women’s fragrance in May 2013. [; WWD]
  • A woman was arrested for painting her nails on a Southwest flight from L.A. to Houston and held in jail for 10 hours. Talk about a crime of beauty. []
  • The chicks at broke down how much it would take to emulate Jen Aniston’s fitness and beauty routines. Let’s just say we’re feeling a bit better about our shopping habit now. []
  • OPI will be releasing a six-polish collection for the film The Amazing Spider-Man starring Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, officially making it the coolest movie slated for this summer. [Business Insider]


Jessica Biel is Sporting New Bangs!

Left: Jessica Biel at the Golden Globes, Jan 15. (Photo: Right: The actress this past weekend. (Photo:

We were big fans of Jessica Biel’s sultry dark hair and bridal-inspired lace dress at the Golden Globes last month, but now she’s changed up her look and is sporting some serious fringe! We give it a big thumbs up. 

The New Year’s Eve actress has rocked bangs before, but always in more of a sideswept look. We’re loving the girlishly-blunt, super-full bang for the newly-engaged star since it fits with her classic, but occasionally adventurous style. (Btw, Reese Witherspoon recently made the transition to brow-length fringe, too.)

What do you think of Jessica’s new bangs?


When we have to style our bangs, we tame the flyaways with this serum to get the perfect glossy finish.

Do You Like Jessica Biel’s Billowy White Ball Gown?: TheGloss

TheGloss is one of our daily must-reads (right up there with the NY Times). We love the site’s witty approach to style and its smart and irreverent voice. We like the writing so much, in fact, that we’ll be featuring one of their posts each week here on the Birchbox blog.

At this point, Jessica Biel is just daring you to punch her. Go ahead. Punch her right in the shoulders. She doesn’t care. In fact, she will have no idea that it even happened, because she has two relatively large airbags resting on her rotator cuffs to protect her from any threat of impact. She’s also got a gold leaf belt, which appears to be some sort of nod to ancient Greece, and additionally, the forceful gown brushes the floor, so…that’s pretty dramatic.

Read the rest of the article here.

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