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The 10 Best Beauty Looks From ’90s TV Shows

Even though we run the risk of dating ourselves, we’ll happily admit that we grew up during one of the best decades of the last century: the ’90s. Who could forget the brilliance that was T.G.I.F. (the Friday night TV lineup, not the restaurant), boy bands in baggy clothes, and of course, scrunchies. In honor of the beauty looks that inspired some of our best (and worst) outfits, here are the top 10 TV character styles that helped shape our youth.


Name: Angela Chase (a.k.a. Claire Danes)

The Look We Loved: Angela Chase was the perfect on-screen version of us: the constantly questioning, ever-complicated protagonist of My So-Called Life. Her red hair, those brooding blue eyes—which somehow were always lightly done in barely there eyeshadow and eyeliner that really gave extra pop—and so much personality. Thanks for getting us through the tough, icky questions of adolescence, Angela.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Baking-Inspired Fragrance: Notable Quotables

Notable Quotables is a weekly series featuring a great quote. Whether it’s the founder of a beloved beauty brand, an eccentric makeup artist making headlines, or even a super-stylish celebrity, our favorite tastemakers always have something worth sharing. Today we came across this quote from Jennifer Love Hewitt on The Gloss from an interview the star did with Us Weekly. While we love fragrances with vanilla notes, we haven’t yet tried pure vanilla!

“I carry McCormick’s Pure Vanilla [in my purse]—the baking kind—and dab it on my neck… Men are attracted to the scent! One time, I put it on and four different guys were like, ‘You smell amazing!’”

—Jennifer Love Hewitt to Us Weekly

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