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5 Tips for Making This Your Healthiest Summer Ever


During the summer I always become hyper-aware of my health. Warm weather means I’m baring more skin (eek), and spending a lot more time outside—which gets my brain going about fitness and good eating. Since I’m more likely to spend a lazy afternoon lounging and chowing down on carbs than going for a run, I’m using these five videos to motivate me to make even more time for my health this summer. 

1) Yoga Poses for Travelers with Tara Stiles

We recently filmed this video with the amazing founder of Strala Yoga, Tara Stiles. (Fun fact: She also designed her very own Reebok yoga collection!)

The easy yoga routine she taught us is ideal for staying happy and healthy while traveling, but is also a great way to start each day. Yoga is by far my favorite exercise and helps keep me centered when I’m stressed.

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We’re Inspired by Birchbox Members and Their Tiny Tweaks This Month


We’re inspired by Birchbox members a lot. From the beauty tips that you give us to all of your fantastic unboxing videos, you’re a generally awesome bunch. But this month we were especially touched by all the responses to our April theme, Tiny Tweaks, Big Results. You’ve really proven that January isn’t the only time to make positive changes in your life.

Here’s what just a few of our members told us that they’re doing this month to improve their lives in small but meaningful ways below. Click through to the comments on our Sneak Peek video here for even more inspiration:

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5 Healthy Food Changes That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Diet

By now you probably know that we really, really love food (see here, here, and here) BUT as much as a love delicious grub, that doesn’t mean we’re not big health nerds too. This month, in honor of our Women’s Health partnership, we enlisted nutritionist and author Tanya Zuckerbrot to give us five diet upgrades. Before you get nervous, rest assured these have more to do with what you should be eating than what you can’t. We promise we’ll never ask you to give up chocolate!


One of our other favorite ways to be healthy is by cooking with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Find out how to incorporate more of these into your diet here