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While You’re Waiting to See Halle Barry’s Wedding Dress, Get Her Signature Look


The newlywed at 2013 Oscar awards. (Photo: Corbis/hutchinsphoto)

I’ve been a huge Halle Berry fan since her scene-stealing turn in 1999’s Bulworth. So when I heard via The National Enquirer (yes, I am proudly subscribe to their emails) that the Oscar-winner recently tied the knot, I immediately launched into amateur sleuth mode. Translation: I trolled celebrity gossip sites for hours. 

My digging unearthed some juicy tidbits about the nuptials, but not the one thing I was really looking for: a picture of the radiant bride in her wedding dress. Drats! While I await more details, I opted to try and recreate the leading lady’s signature look for myself.

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Watch Downton Abbey’s Leaked Season Three Trailer

All does not seem to be well in paradise for Lady Mary and Cousin Matthew. (Photo:

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Halle Berry’s New Look is Giving Us Curl Envy


We’re loving the gorgeous curls that Halle Berry was rocking earlier this week at dinner with her fiance, Oliver Martinez. It’s such a fun departure from the signature close-cropped look that she’s been wearing for the last couple of years. While Berry’s new shoulder-grazing look was actually achieved with extensions, we’re big fans of natural curl, too. Our gorgeous operations manager, Bianca, has been sporting her natural, untreated hair for the last couple weeks, and it’s had everyone in the office buzzing:

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Bond Girl Beauty

When I saw Ted Noten’s new gun-shaped makeup kit, I immediately thought of all the gorgeous Bond girls that have come into the spotlight over the years. From Eva Green to Halle Berry, one thing is for sure—these girls are fierce, and even manage to steal the focus from studs like Pierce Brosnan.

Noten’s pistol-shaped lip-gloss is a little too intense—I am more a fan of Urban Decay’s teardrop-shaped bullet Lipstick in Naked or Peroxide. Described as a “weapon of love,” this lipstick nourishes and protects lips, and has added ingredients to stimulate cellular function and prevent dehydration. Maybe that’s the secret to how the bond girls brave taxing situations?

Being completely covered in gold paint like Jill Masterson in Goldfinger doesn’t sound great—but hints of gold in your palette definitely has an appeal. Get a glistening lid with Stila’s Eyeshadow in 14K.

And lastly, every bond girl needs an on-screen beach appearance, fully equipped with the perfect tan (and a flawless beach body). Get the sun-kissed look with Xen-Tan Deep Bronze Luxe.

I feel pretty ready to fight crime now—or maybe a girl’s night / movie marathon is more appropriate. 


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