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Ode to Effie: Hunger Games Countdown

It’s finally here! Tomorrow, The Hunger Games (a.k.a the world’s-greatest-movie-ever) is hitting theaters. In honor of our favorite YA-lit trilogy and the release of the much-anticipated first film, we present you with a week of Panem-inspired posts. Today, a tribute to Effie Trinket.

Photo: IFC

Technically, Effie Trinket is one of the bad guys. As one of the official escorts, she’s the one who brings Peeta and Katniss from District 12 to the Capitol for the Hunger Games and represents the callousness of the Capitol inhabitants. But between her outlandish outfits, her catchy tagline (may the odds be ever in your favor), and her moments of sparring with Haymitch Abernathy, she becomes one of the series’ most endearing characters. By the looks of the movie’s trailers and teaser images, the on-screen Effie will be just as memorable—actress Elizabeth Banks pulls out all the stops, with technicolor makeup, to-die-for nail art, and insanely cool false lashes. While we’re not planning on recreating any of her looks anytime soon—not until Halloween, that is—we do have a few quick ways you can make her proud.

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My Top 3 Mascaras of All Time: Guest Blogger

In the fashion world, there’s outfit envy. In the beauty world, there’s makeup envy — and we are seriously envious when it comes to Annamarie Tendler. A genius makeup artist, Tendler covers a wide range of topics on her am. blog, but her The Daily Face posts, which chronicle her day-to-day makeup looks, are our favorite. (FYI: She did an amazing series in October called The Spooky Scary Daily Face, which was epic.) Each day she inspires with a gorgeous new look, and for one whole week, she’s sharing her makeup expertise with lucky, lucky us.

I’m a serious mascara enthusiast. I believe it is the only truly essential piece of makeup that exists. What’s so great about mascara is that it draws attention to everyone’s best feature: their eyes. In the 45 seconds it takes to apply, mascara can make your lashes look 10 times thicker, darker, and longer than if they were bare. When your lashes are more dramatic, your eyes appear bigger, brighter, and more defined. Who doesn’t want that?

I’ve tested nearly every mascara under the sun and here are my three favorites:

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Beauty Insiders Share Their Morning Secrets

It’s no surprise that our favorite brands happen to have rock star founders. This month, we asked the beauty insiders behind Anthony Logistics, Carol’s Daughter, and FAUX lashes to tell us a little bit about themselves — and their morning routines, to be more specific. What exactly are they up to before they get to the hard work of formulating products? Read on for all their answers.

Halloween Inspiration with FAUX: Cleopatra

FAUX is hands down our go-to resource for false lashes for any occasion. Their lashes range from first date wearable to costume party ready…which is perfect since we’ve yet to nail down a Halloween costume. Luckily, the lovely ladies from FAUX — founder Sterling, COO Miranda, and chief of marketing and PR Alexia — have some fabulous costume ideas. Last week we showed you how to get dark and moody for Black Swan and this week we’ll have you walking like an Egyptian…it’s Cleopatra, inspired by the gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor!

Read on for all the steps to achieve this look. Photos courtesy of FAUX.

Step 1: Flawless Skin

Start by perfecting the skin with a full coverage liquid foundation, and add a bit of bronze sheen to the high planes of the face with a golden highlighter. Set with translucent powder. 

Step 2: Arched Brows

The eyebrows for this look are very defined, use a dark brown or black eyebrow pencil to create the desired shape and then set them with a dark brown or black powder eye shadow using a small angled eyeliner brush. 

Step 3: Dramatic Eyes

Sweep a soft shimmery teal blue eye shadow from lash line to brow bone. Using a black cream liner and your small angled brush, draw a very exaggerated line along the upper lash line extending it out to the temples. Blend the liner along the bottom lash line as well. Take a matte black shadow with your angle brush and draw a line starting from the outer tip of your liner into the crease of your eye, forming a sweeping V shape. With a compact chiseled eye shadow brush fill in the outer corners of the V with the same black shadow, fading it in as you go. 

Step 4: Major Lashes

Curl your natural lashes and apply a thick coat of mascara to top and bottom lashes. Add FAUX’s Dark Slant lashes to enhance the cat eye effect of this look. 

Step 5: Finishing Steps

Apply a peachy bronze blush to the apples of the cheeks, extending the color back along the cheekbones to contour. For the final step apply a bright coral lipstick to the lips and add a dollop of matching lip gloss over the top. Caesar will not be able to resist!

Check back next Friday for the last costume in our series of Halloween inspiration!