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What’s on Birchbox Staffers’ Desks: Men’s Assistant Editor, Nathaniel

Time for another edition of one of our all-time favorite conceits: What’s on Staffers’ Desks. Now that we have four international offices—New York, Barcelona, Paris, and London—we’ve got plenty of fun snapshots to share from the Birchbox universe! 


I started my career as an archaeologist [Ed. note: talk about a fun fact!], and still remember it fondly, so I keep a few trinkets on hand to remind me of the old days. The terracotta warrior (from Xi’an, China) and brass helmet (from Ephesus, Turkey) are two examples, but honestly, after all those nights in the desert, the whiskey might be a more fitting memento. It’s a wheat blend called “77”, made right here in the city by Breuckelen Distilling. It pairs smooth and spicy better than most and has quickly become my Friday favorite.

As you might expect, I write a lot of product descriptions, so the brand partnerships team keeps my desk stocked with grooming samples. The one downside? I can only shave once a day (though I’ve been known to double up on showers).
What do you keep on your desk?
—Nathaniel, Assistant Editor, Birchbox Man
Find out how to match your aftershave with your shaving habits over at the Birchbox Men’s Guide.

What’s On the Birchbox Staffer’s Desk: Men’s Editor, Martin

If you’re not familiar with today’s desk subject, you totally should be. Martin, our brilliant Birchbox Man editor, is known around the office for his witty repartee and lately, his hilarious ability to break pop-culture news. (Case in point: he was the first person to exclaim about the Tom-Kat split.) But, he’s also quickly becoming the go-to person to visit when we want to try a new product. From utilitarian tools to tropically-scented hair paste, sometimes boy stuff is just way more fun to play with. Find out why below!

1. Banana: My super filling breakfast food. I’m the rare guy who likes them with brown spots. I like to let them age for a few days on my desk.

2. Brylcreem: Great conversation starter. I don’t use it in my own hair often as it’s a little creamy for my tastes, but I love the packaging, and of course this brand coined the phrase “A little dab’ll do ya!” As anyone who knows me is aware, I’m somewhat obsessed with kitschy retro grooming products. Not to mention a great retro drugstore score

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What’s On the Birchbox Staffer’s Desk: Accountant, Elizabeth

Accounting hero Elizabeth—who you’ve met before on the Birchbox blog—is a master of productivity. Her desk, which contains not one but two monitors, may explain why. What are some of her other secrets to success? Click through to find out.

1. Double monitors: We here at Birchbox are accustomed to doing two things at once, hence the two screens! I re-purposed this massive monitor from our Tech team, and while it looks like I’m operating a spaceship over here, the dual views are very useful (and less straining on the eyes) when comparing multiple reports or reading my constant influx of e-mails.

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What’s On the Birchbox Staffer’s Desk: Ops Manager, Emily

If we had to name just one style savante at Birchbox HQ, it would have to be Emily, our ops manager. First it was her shoes we oggled over, but now it’s her desk. Who else could house four drinks in her workspace and still keep clean? Click through to read about what else Emily keeps behind the walls of her cube.

1. Polaroids from the Birchbox one year anniversary party: Such a fun party! It was so exciting to celebrate our first year and even crazier to think of how far we’ve come in our second.

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What’s On the Birchbox Staffers’ Desk: Business Development’s Nidhi

We’ve introduced you to Business Development guru Nidhi before, and you’ve also seen her fashion-forward taste in footwear.  But there’s so much more to know! Now that she’s settled here at the office, we decided to sneak a peek at her desk and find out her workday (and beauty) must-haves. 

1. Vitamins and Eboost:  I am a self-professed health nut. I always have vitamins on hand to keep me healthy, and Eboost for a little pick me up.

2. Photo of flags in the East Village: My original NYC home! My best friend gave me this picture to remember my first New York apartment and all the fun we had there.

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What’s On The Birchbox Staffers’ Desks: Community Manager

You’re probably already familiar with today’s desk subject: it’s our community manager, Rachel! In addition to overseeing Twitter and Facebook, she also works with our Birchblogger network and is frequently featured here on this blog. Be sure to check out this video where she talks about how much she loves the Birchbox community and her favorite products.

  1. Zoya Blogger Collection: I’m really proud of this polish collection that we created with Zoya and some of our favorite bloggers. I love these colors for summer!

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What’s On The Birchbox Staffers’ Desks: Take Your Kids To Work Day Edition

As you probably saw earlier, it’s Take Your Kids to Work Day and we were quick to put the little ones to work. In addition to writing product reviews, we knew they’d be perfect for the task of official Birchbox decorators. For this special edition of What’s On The Birchbox Staffers’ Desks, we’re sharing some pictures of their work station, as well as a few of the amazing boxes they created. What do you think: Should we implement their designs on next month’s boxes?

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What’s On The Birchbox Staffers’ Desks: Associate Editor Candice

We’d be lying if we said there wasn’t a little East Coast bias at Birchbox HQ. But since Associate Editor and San Francisco native Candice started here a few months ago, we’ve opened our eyes to the wonders of the West. Like mass quantities of Red Vines and a generally more laid-back, cool approach to life. Today we snuck a shot of her product-filled desk including the amazing OCC Lip Tars she wrote about yesterday.

Click through for all of Candice’s picks.

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