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5 Ways to Get Your Best Summer Skin Yet


In the summer, my skincare routine goes into overdrive. Extended exposure to Mr. Sun isn’t very kind to our complexions. On top of that, I’m even more prone to breaking out during the hottest months of the year. That’s why I’ve rounded up some of my favorite tips for taking care of my skin and feeling confident even in the sweltering heat!

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Why I Precleanse: Guest Blogger

Girl Around Town co-founders, Leigh Evans and Mary Cunningham, created an online community for women to talk about the latest in fashion, beauty, food, and more. The site boasts jet-setting writers who are based in Los Angeles, Houston and New York, all of whom have the insider deets on the hottest things to do and see all over the globe.

On any given day we put a lot of stuff on our faces: serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, highlighter, foundation, powder—and that’s not even the eyes and lips. Even the freshest faces end up with loads of environmental gunk on them by the end of the day, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who realized that a washed face doesn’t always mean a clean face.

That’s why pre-cleansers have become a mandatory staple in my skincare regimen. 

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DIY Face Mask For Anywhere, Anytime: Guest Blogger

This week’s guest blogger, Rodan Luo, is a lawyer by day and stylish blogger by night. We can’t get enough of her blog, full of eloquent musings and excellent advice. Since she’s also one of our jetsetter role models (the frequent traveler was most recently in Sayulita, Mexico), she’ll be blogging all week about ways to make travel even more awesome. 


Practically everything comes packaged nicely in 3.4 fluid ounces these days - there’s even an awesome company that sells only travel sized luxury items for all product junkies out there. But…just because things come ready to go into your carry-on-bag, doesn’t mean you should always bring them. I try to travel with the mindset of taking only what I need. So, while some things in our beauty regime are essential (look out for my post tomorrow on sunscreen), other things should be left behind so there is room to squeeze in that fourth pair of heels for your weekend get away.

This means that while I love doing a weekly face mask, I will never bring my fresh Rose Face Mask with me. So what is a girl with dry skin problems to do? Enter the DIY face mask. Recently, while on a trip to luscious Bali, a friend of mine showed me a great moisturizing facemask with ingredients that can be found everywhere. Look below for an easy-to-make mask that you can do anywhere, anytime.

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3 Sneaky Things That Might Be Messing With Your Skin

This week I had my monthly facial at the Dermalogica Academy (which is definitely worth trying if you’re near a location) and discovered a few things that are messing with my skin from my specialist, Renee. Unlike the usual suspects (sleeping in makeup, not exfoliating enough, etc.), I never saw these coming.

1. Not Enough Protein

As a vegetarian for 10+ years, I’m pretty used to being asked about my protein intake. I’ll get to my answer in a second, but the truth is I never really know if I’m getting enough. That’s bad news for skin because protein is necessary for cell repair, and without it, your skin won’t bounce back from breakouts, sunburns, and other damage. Keeping track of how much protein you’re getting is important, it’s worth looking into it if your skin isn’t happy.

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Products I Can’t Quit: Founder Edition Part Deux

Birchbox staffers have been known to play the beauty field. With so many fun samples floating around, can you blame us for having a hard time committing? Then again, when we find something we love, we stick to it. In this new feature, we’ll be asking Birchbox staffers to share the products they just can’t quit. Next up, co-founder, Hayley.

Hayley, Birchbox Co-founder

Beauty profile: Dry skin, slightly dry hair, classic/low-maintenance.

Products I can’t quit: Since we launched Birchbox, I’ve vowed to only use beauty products we sell in our store. In tech circles, it’s called “eating your own dog food.” If we can’t live off of only what we sell, how could we expect you to? I’ve tested tons of products from our shop but I keep coming back to the same ones over and over again. These are my current favorites.

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Protect Your Nails From The Sun: Nailing It

Operations associate, Loren, has a thing for nails- and we can’t blame her. We love reading about new finishes and fun techniques, so we thought we’d give her a weekly slot on our blog to wax poetic about all things manicure (and pedicure!) related. Check back every week for Nailing It, Birchbox’s dedicated polish series.

Especially in the spring and summer, it’s important to apply SPF on any exposed areas like arms and legs. But we often forget about the smaller spots like our toes and ears—and even our nails! Since nails are made of protein, keratin to be exact, they need protection just like skin does. In fact, a Birchbox staffer went on vacation with her nails bare and came back with sun burnt, purple nails. She described the pain as “feeling like her fingers had been slammed in a car door.”

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Dermalogica + Birchbox Take Over Soho

Last night, Birchboxers stormed Dermalogica's flagship store in Soho for an invite-only skincare event for our NYC subscribers. Between sipping on wine and snacking on gourmet cheeses, our lovely members had the chance to mingle with Birchbox staffers and see Dermalogica's expert skin therapists for free consultations and treatments. Click through for our favorite pics of the jam-packed event! 

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The 4 Kinds of Acne: Guest Blogger

We spend inordinate amounts of time obsessing over our skin. But we’re always in need of some more expert help. This week, we’re lucky enough to have Dermalogica’s director of global education, Annet King, on hand to explain all things skin to usand to relay her great tips to you.


Question: What are the main types of acne?

Answer: As opposed to categorizing acne by the lesions involved, acne is actually classified into four grades:

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Birchboxer Subscriber Philanthropy + A Dermalogica L.A. Event!

A few weeks ago, we told you about Dermalogica’s work with joinFITE, an organization that supports women entrepreneurs around the world through microloans. There are two ways that Birchboxers can get involved—the first is by contributing a microloan here, and the second is by purchasing Dermalogica products and redeeming the special joinFITE code on the packaging via We’re happy to let you know that so far, over 600 Birchbox members have used codes, helping fund loans for 24 women entrepreneurs!

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, we’re also inviting all our Los Angeles-area members to an event with Dermalogica on March 1st! See all the details below— we hope to see you there!

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