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The Chic Chantecaille Mascara That We Can’t Get Enough Of

We’ve told you before about our deep admiration for natural beauty brand Chantecaille. The posh makeup, skincare and fragrance line is always at the top of our lists when we need an instant dose of elegance. Founded in New York by lovely French émigré Sophie Chantecaille, the line uses a mixture of scientific innovations from traditional Chinese medicine to biotechnology to amp up their products. Case in point, their Faux Cils mascara, it’s our newest go-to when we want to give eyes some serious pop—and that’s why some lucky subscribers who opted into this month’s goop box may find the pretty sample nestled in with your other beauty finds.

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Spring Must-Have: Chantecaille’s Entire Collection

If yesterday’s gorgeous weather here in New York was any indication, winter has decided to give us a break and let spring roll in a little early. No complaints here. After seeing Chantecaille’s latest collection, I’m more than ready for the seasonal shift—and their new launches will be factoring prominently in my spring makeup lineup.

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Chantecaille’s Whale Of A Deal

From now until June 12, natural beauty brand Chantecaille is giving a free lip gloss to anyone who buys the La Baleine Compact on its site. What makes this compact so special, you ask? Tomorrow is World Ocean Day, so the proceeds of the sale will go to the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Just use the code “WHALES” at checkout, and you’ll pretty much be helping save the world. Cool, right?

This definitely confirms my suspicion that there’s a substantial connection between beauty lovers and animal lovers (not to mention the cat-shaped lipstick I stumbled upon last week and the cute puppy we got to play with in the office on Friday). Can’t wait to see what else happens this week because it also happens to be National Shampoo Week—maybe a line of adorable pet shower caps?


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What’s on the Birchbox Editors’ Desks: Swag Guru Edition

What’s on the Birchbox Editors’ Desks is a series of blog posts where we share some of what we’re excited about right now through pictures of our desks. Just this week we introduced you to one of the newest additions to the Birchbox fam, Molly (not to be confused with Mollie, our Director of Content), and already she’s making a big impact in the office. We’re constantly admiring her effortlessly cool outfits from Madewell and snagging some of the awesome Birchbox swag on her desk (tattoos, what!). She’s also an avid fragrance collector and certified beauty nut so we thought we’d give you a little peek at her desk today. Enjoy!


Starbucks: I’m actually not a lover of Starbucks but there’s one right downstairs and when it’s 5:00 and you have two minutes before a meeting it’s kind of inevitable. Today they were celebrating their 40th anniversary and giving out free treats so I got a mini lemon square with my soy misto. Free food —> Starbucks just racked up a few points in my book.

  • Chantecaille palette: I l-o-v-e Chantecaille and this eyeshadow palette is gorge! The powders are so silky and there’s one color in particular that I’ve already made an impressive dent in.

Tocca samples: Tocca is such a beautiful brand; I’m fanatical about their candles and I cannot wait to try out all these fragrance samples. Stella, Cleopatra, Colette, Brigitte — all my favorite ladies are present and accounted for. And the packaging is so romantic! That lavender bow may very well make its way into my hair quite soon.

Weleda Wild Rose Deoderant: Just started test-driving this stuff yesterday. I really hate the idea of using an anti-perspirant, but my past forays into natural deodorants have been less than successful. So far I am stink-free so I’m crossing my fingers that this is the one! Wish me luck.

Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Cologne: Fragrance has such a powerful effect on my mood; this zesty floral is staying on my desk as a pick-me-up until it hits 80 degrees out. So that’ll be a while I guess…


Own Lip Therapy in True Mint: These lip treatments just came over this morning. I’ve been re-applying the mint flavor all day! It’s hydrating and plumping in a futuristic-looking roll-on tube. The minty-ness is really refreshing and it has a super tingly effect on your lips. It actually kind of burns a little, but in a totally awesome way.

Revlon Nail Polish in Siren: I absolutely can’t wait to hop on the orange-hued band-wagon this summer! I’m a big nail polish girl, and I’m also pretty darn good at doing my own nails and the nails of others (not to toot my own horn). This winter, I’ve been obsessing over a dark eggplant shade from OPI called Midnight in Moscow, but I’m just about ready for a full-throttle leap across the color wheel to this bangin’ neon orange.


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Copy Cat: Chanel Iman’s Dramatic Double-Winged Look

Chanel Iman. Photo: BellaSugar

Birchbox’s brand relationship manager, Alta

Our stellar brand relationship manager, Alta, is gearing up to do a different eyeliner look every day next week for the Birchbox Beauty Diaries (check back next Friday!). As we were researching techniques for her to try, we came across this stunning picture of Chanel Iman sporting a double-winged liner look at a Victoria’s Secret event on Tuesday. It was so bold, so sexy — Alta couldn’t wait until Monday to test-drive it.

Here’s a rundown of the products she used to create this sultry eye and some of her tips:

I tackled the liner on my upper lid by starting from the inner corner of my eye and drawing a line slight above my lashline with the Napolean Perdis liquid liner. I then went back and filled it in creating a really thick line. Next, I made the top wing by drawing a very thin line straight out of the corner.

The bottom was a bit trickier. First I lined my lower lashes with Laura Mercier’s Kohl eye liner in Stormy Grey. The bottom line actually extends past the lash line on both the inside and outside of the eye and to do this, you need to hold you skin taught so you can draw a really straight and thin line. Then I took a pink eyeshadow from my Chantecaille pallet and added a swipe of color below the line for a girly effect. I made the mistake of doing the color after doing the line, which made it tricky not to smudge.  Last, but not least, I finished it off with a couple coats of Benefit BadGal Mascara to really dramatize my eyes—it’s the next best thing to having fake lashes!

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