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Rihanna’s New Perfume To Be Launched On Black Friday!

Rihanna describes her new perfume, Nude, as more “personal,” made with ingredients that remind her of a childhood in the Barbados. (Photo:


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What’s In My Purse: Guest Blogger

Dedicated to “what’s in your closet and on your vanity,” Samantha Fodrowski’s blog, Closet Vanity, couldn’t be more perfectly suited to our interests. This week, the busy blogger is lending us her talents and musing on some of our favorite topics like the fashion-forward red lip and au naturel makeup.

There’s nothing worse than digging around your purse unable to find what you’re looking for, whether it’s a pen, gum, a hair tie, a tissue, or tampon. Try as I might to be prepared, inevitably I forget to replace any of the above items once I’ve taken them out of my handbag. Luckily, I keep all of my on-the-go cosmetics in two small pouches, which are easy to find. I find that having purse-designated products helps ensure that I’ve always got what I need with me. To keep things compact, travel and sample size items are perfect for purse purposes. (As you know, Birchbox is a great source for these!)

What’s in my purse:

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College Girl: Beauty Products With A Caffeine Kick

This summer, Birchbox’s content team is extremely lucky to have awesome intern Shana in the office. She’s a student at Syracuse University (the smarty pants is a dual major in magazine journalism and psychology) and she’ll be helping with researching, writing, product testing and, of course, blogging. In addition to daily beauty news posts, she’ll be writing a weekly column called College Girl.

Life before college included lots of chocolate milk and very few caffeinated beverages, but a month into freshman year, my iced coffee-addicted friend Cara got me completely hooked. Though I haven’t reached her level of two large Dunkin Donuts’s coffees a day, I completely understand how essential these pick-me-ups are to make it through long nights of studying.

Lately, I’ve been hearing a ton of buzz about caffeinated beauty products. After a bit of digging around, I discovered that this isn’t exactly a new trend—beauty companies have been incorporating caffeine into their offerings for years because of its beneficial effects on the skin like depuffing, tightening, and smoothing. The best part: unlike your morning cup, the caffeine in these products doesn’t make them addicting—so lather up rather than drink up. Here are my favorites:

Befine Night Cream: Your homework won’t get done while you sleep, but with this overnight product, you can cross glowy skin off your to-do list. The potent cocoa and caffeine will heal and hydrate skin while you focus on getting your eight hours.

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer: Waking up is especially hard after a long night. Swipe this stick over your eyes to reduce puffiness and cover up all evidence of exhaustion.

Bliss Love Handler: Slacking at the gym is completely understandable. Because you can’t always hide under baggy sweatpants, the caffeine in this will help smooth and tighten problem spots.


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