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Birchbox Staffers’ Summer Guilty Pleasures


I love beach days and ice cream cones as much as anyone, but for me summer means escaping into the delicious cool of a movie theater, settling in with an outrageously large bucket of popcorn, and giving in to the flash-bang-ridiculousness of silly action flick. It’s no surprise that my weekend plans involve seeing both Fast and the Furious 6 and Man of Steel.

Here’s what some other Birchbox staffers love about summers past and present. 

"When I think summer, I think summer camp! My favorite summer pastime is swimming in cold lakes on hot days." —Hayley

"Dirty gin martinis and Cadbury Crunchie Bars." —Dana

"Dawson’s Creek on Netflix!" —Kendall 

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As you might have seen in the Birchbox February Sneak Peek, we’re working with one of our all-time favorite brands this month: Lancôme! Starting today, Lancôme products will be available on for a limited time only. In celebration, we asked a few staffers why they’re fans of the brand, and we got so many amazing stories—from memories of saving up for those covetable Juicy Tubes to the products they can’t live without to this day—that we decided to share a few of our Lancôme makeup moments with you. Watch what our staffers had to say and then tell us your Lancôme moment in the comments below.


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What’s On The Birchbox Staffers’ Desks: Associate Editor Candice

We’d be lying if we said there wasn’t a little East Coast bias at Birchbox HQ. But since Associate Editor and San Francisco native Candice started here a few months ago, we’ve opened our eyes to the wonders of the West. Like mass quantities of Red Vines and a generally more laid-back, cool approach to life. Today we snuck a shot of her product-filled desk including the amazing OCC Lip Tars she wrote about yesterday.

Click through for all of Candice’s picks.

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