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Reading List: Olympic Team Beauty Secrets, A Kardashian Beauty Line, Portia de Rossi’s New Cut and More

Welcome back to another edition of Reading List! This week, there’s a big cut for Portia de Rossi, a trip down memory lane with the “Tan Mom,” a supermodel who almost didn’t make the cut, plus chlorine-proof hair and makeup. Catch up on these stories and more this weekend! 
  • Portia de Rossi chopped off all her hair into a bob this week. It’s cute, but we’re a little sad. We’ve always been jealous of her length. [People Style Watch]
  • Old photos of “tan mom” surfaced this week and she looks so pretty. The shocking thing is, these are supposedly from only 15 years ago. []
  • The Olympic Synchronized Swim team has some interesting tricks for keeping their hair healthy after hours spent in the pool; and what’s more, they also have some tips for getting their makeup to stay on in the water. [BellaSugar]
  • Gisele Bundchen: one of the most successful supermodels in the world, top of most men’s dream girl lists, and early modeling contract reject? If you’ve ever wondered how Gisele got to be at the top, now you know: a lot of perseverance. The supermodel was apparently rejected by 42 agents at the beginning of her career (when she was 17). [Just Jared]
  • In a move that surprises next to no one (the OPI polish collection was one step in the right direction), the Kardashian sisters launch a makeup line. [WWD]


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Ashley Greene’s Beauty Regrets: Notable Quotables

Notable Quotables is a weekly series featuring a great quote. Whether it’s the founder of a beloved beauty brand, an eccentric makeup artist making headlines, or even a super-stylish celebrity, our favorite tastemakers always have something worth sharing. Today we came across this quote by Ashley Greene, the lovely star of Twilight, and we couldn’t help but feel she might be our kindred spirit. After all, we’ve all made some pretty questionable decisions when it comes to our hair.

"My hair’s been every color under the sun, and some are good and some are bad. I think the biggest mistake I ever made was when one of my friends was like, ‘You should just iron your hair with an iron.’ It was not good at all. It was just stick-straight. I was probably around 14 when I did that; I did a lot of dumb things at 14. That was bad. I used to also scrunch my hair. I used entirely too much hair gel. It was highly flammable, extremely crunchy. I feel you like you could break it. It was not a good look for me."

—Ashley Greene to Stylelist

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Top 10 Hair and Makeup Looks At The Met Gala

It’s always fun to see celebs go overboard for the annual Met Gala. I love all the glamour and drama — it’s an irresistible combo. This year was no exception, with many a famous face going far beyond overboard and into the realm of just plain old bad. (I refuse to name names, and since everyone has seen the pictures by now, much of it goes without saying.) Instead, I’d rather focus on the good, and the truly stellar. There were several stars that fit that bill last night. Below are my favorite hair and makeup looks from the event — who do you think were the true standouts?

Best Long and Loose: Blake Lively and Gwyneth Paltrow both wore their hair down last night in soft, cascading waves. Everything from the shine to the soft curls to the long layers is captivating and enviable. Forget Goop and Gossip Girl, these two leading ladies should start a haircare line. It would sell through the roof.

Best Use of Color: Makeup is meant to be fun, so it’s great to see actresses experimenting vibrant colors. Ginnifer Goodwin single-handedly has me rethinking blue shadow—her eyes look incredible!—and Emma Stone reaffirms my obsession with fuchsia lipstick.  

Best Updos: Updos on a major red carpet are a dime a dozen, but Ashley Greene and Amy Adams really stood out. Greene’s low-slung side bun is incredibly elegant and Adams’ forehead-skimming braid has me itching to experiment with romantic plaits.

Best Hollywood Retro Look: Leave it to A-lister Diane Kruger to perfectly pull-off Old Hollywood Glamour, from her sculpted tendrils to her bright red pucker. Up-and-comer Emma Roberts also sported the same retro hair, but chose to pair it with more natural makeup for a younger, sweeter look.

Best Short Hair: Brooklyn Decker’s lob (a.k.a. long bob) has been a recent obsession of mine, and could she have picked a better dress to highlight her new cut? (The answer, in case you were wondering, is no.) Even though Decker is still my hair crush of the moment, I give major props to Michelle Williams who yet again rocked a super-pretty pixie—that style soooo does not work on everyone.


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