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How To Stop Hat Hair: Hairistocracy

Taylor Swift sporting an adorable red beanie paired with her signature red lips. (Photo:

It’s time to break out the hats, ladies! As we witnessed here in New York last week (hello, Nor’easter!), winter is closer than we’d like to admit. While cold weather can be a bummer, I’ve never been more excited for it since that means I can finally don the season’s latest hats. 

There’s one very important thing that calls for your attention though, when wearing a chapeau: every hat must eventually come off, and that means the inevitable return of hat hair. So how are you going to keep your strands beautifully voluminous and tousled beneath your favorite beanie?  

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Happy 70th Birthday Betsey Johnson!

Tuesday night’s raucous Betsey Johnson show was not only a retrospective of the designers’ rocker duds from the 60s till now, but also a banging birthday party for the freshly minted 70-year-old. In honor of Betsey, models were given ’80s style crimped hair and cleopatra-esque eyes.

Lead stylist John Reyman from Aveda created the throwback hairstyle section-by-section, first spritzing a protective layer of Control Force hair spray before using a crimper. To reduce frizz, hair was brushed out with the fingers and then back-combed around the parietal ridge to create volume. “It’s inspired by Betsey Johnson herself,” said Reyman. “Her kind of fun, crazy hair—it’s 80s and it’s crimped, it’s par-tay. Think White Snake circa 1987.”

Models posing with a Baked By Melissa mini-cupcake dispenser.

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Battle Royale References at Band of Outsiders

We loved the film-inspired concept behind Saturday’s Band of Outsiders show. Creative director Scott Sternberg looked to Japanese cult classic Battle Royale, which follows a class of ninth graders who are forced to fight for survival, while creating the collection. (Pop culture fun fact: In the last year, Battle Royale has often been referenced as a potential inspiration for the Hunger Games for somewhat obvious reason). The militaristic and feral influences inspired a clean, natural and slightly wild beauty look.

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Color Club Uses A New Technique to Make Waves at Charlotte Ronson

For spring, Charlotte Ronson’s inspiration was clear and omnipresent: the ocean. From beachy hair by Aveda to aquatic prints on the clothes, marine influences were abundant, but perhaps best portrayed by the nails. Color Club's lead technician, Simcha Whitehill, used three different shades of polish to convey the ocean at different depths: Gossip Column, the darkest shade that symbolized deep waters; Seaside Surf, the turquoise hue that represented “the waves the surfers are in”; and Take Me To Your Chateau, the lightest hue that referenced the waters at the shoreline. 

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The Secret To Creating The Perfect Poofy Pony Revealed At Behnaz Sarafpour

The roughed-up ponys at yesterday’s Behnaz Sarafpour show were exactly the kind of voluminous styles that always fall flat after a few hours when we do them ourselves. Thankfully, we snagged some helpful tips from lead stylist for the show, Aveda's Global Creative Director Antoinette Beenders, on how to keep a pony  lifted.

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Pin To Win A Collection Of Our Favorite Products From Aveda!

We’re giving away a collection of our favorite products from Aveda! For a chance to win simply visit our Hair board on Pinterest and re-pin any of the #Aveda images (make sure to include #Aveda and #NYFW when you re-pin!)

We’ll contact a winner on 9/14, good luck!

- Rachel

Love Aveda? Check out how they’ve been styling models’ hair for the shows this year at New York Fashion Week!

Tips to Finding Your Perfect Sidepart At Richard Chai

As Aveda stylist Frank Rizzierri explained to me yesterday at the Richard Chai show, changing your part is one of the easiest ways to really change up your look. (Ahem Mollie Chen—let’s get you to finally give the middle part a shot!) Rizzierri and his team were in the process of giving all of the models deep sideparts, and the effect really was very sleek and striking. 

If you’ve ever dabbled in sidepart experimentation before but haven’t been able to pull it off, Rizzierri had some tips. When deciding placement, use your brows as a guide. For everyday parts, draw a line starting at the middle of either one of your brows. For an extra angular look, use the outer corner of either brow as the starting point. 


The key to keeping your sidepart in place? Using a hair oil to help manage any frizz.

Athletic and Very (Very!) Windblown at Preen

Show: Preen

Hair: Paul Hanlon for Aveda

Makeup: Gucci Westman, Revlon

Nails: Revlon

The Vibe: Outdoorsy and very fresh. The models’ hair certainly looked very weathered with Aveda lead stylist Paul Hanlon creating coifs that he described as “aerodynamic” and “windblown.” To achieve these wild styles, hair was parted down the back of the head and then tied it into either one or two knots, depending on the length of the girl’s hair. Stylists added pins to keep the style secure, while loose ends and other errant hairs were blow-dried and sprayed pointing stick-straight back. To help get a matte, piece-y texture, Hanlon used two Aveda products: Phomollient, a weightless volumizing styling foam, and Pure Abundance Hair Potion, a hair-thickening cream that adds grit.

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Fragrances for the Perfume-Phobe

As long as I can remember, I have never been into fragrance. I don’t like it on myself, on my significant other, or on the gentlemen sitting next to me on the subway. No matter how many perfumes I try, I always have the same reaction: it smells like rubbing alcohol. Even a single spritz is too much for me to handle. But every season, when I hear about fragrance launches from Calvin Klein, Kim Kardashian, and everyone in between, I feel a little left out. As a self-described “beauty enthusiast,” I feel as like I am putting my title to shame by being fragrance-free. With a little research, I found great options for other sensitive sniffers:

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Guest Blogger: (After)Sun Shine

Certainly not all style blogs are worth reading, but we’re absolutely smitten with Sonia Evers’ Runway Hippie and we think it should be on your radar. Aside from her daily dose of inspiration, great finds, or personal pics, Evers also finds time to contribute to,, and Check back here all week as she muses on all things summer fun, from self-tanner to beachy waves.

By the end of the summer my hair feels more like straw than actual strands of hair. Thanks to the humidity, the sun, the chlorine, and other dehydrators, my hair becomes dry, brittle and full of split ends thus making me the perfect candidate for horrendously frizzy hair. After having to cut off five inches of my long locks one summer due to excessive split ends (and the fact that the bottom half of my hair was dyed green from chlorine), I learned my lesson in proper summer hair care.

I use Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream everyday — no joke, this stuff changed my life. I also use Frederic Fekkai’s Protein Reparative Treatment Mask once a week to lock in moisture and keep my hair strong and healthy. And if I’ve been extra naughty and spent a few too many hours basking in the sun, I coat the ends of hair in Aveda’s After-Sun Hair Masque, which keeps them from fraying and breaking. A bit extreme? Yes. But the difference that these few techniques made in my hair last summer was priceless. My hairdresser even told me so.

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