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Dear Birchbox: Dealing with Splotchy Skin

Dear Birchbox,

I’m getting over a cold and have to look picture-ready this weekend. Any tips for hiding red and splotchy?




Dear Ashley,

Colds are such a nuisance. Not only are you sneezy and snuffly, but your skin gets majorly irritated and flaky. We have just the thing for you. We’ve been testing  Dermalogica’s latest line of results-oriented skincare products, UltraCalming. The five product collection is geared toward calming irritated, inflamed sensitive skin. As always, the products are no-nonsense (no fancy packaging or scents) and effective. The UltraCalming cleanser is a thick, non-sudsing gel that doesn’t leave a tight, dry feeling and the UltraCalming serum feels light but is a good way to keep skin extra hydrated. You can try the whole line with their special Treatment Kit, with minis (and you know how we feel about minis) of each of the products - at $40, it’s a great deal. Once your skin is under control, try Stila’s new One-Step Correct to counteract redness before you apply the rest of your makeup. And when all else fails, highlight highlight highlight. Peachy shimmer cures all.



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