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How To: Dip-Dye Nails

We all know how big the dip-dye hair trend is, right? Well, combine that with nail art and it’s a trendpocolypse. I’ve seen some very successful ombre’d nails and it seemed easy enough to achieve so I grabbed a few of my favorite polishes and a camera. Trust when I say the final image doesn’t do this look justice.

1. Paint your nails one solid color. I chose Zoya polish in Shay but this looks lovely with darker base colors as well.

2. Dab a small amount of your second polish onto the edge of a disposable makeup sponge. Choose a contrasting shade like Deborah Lippmann’s Between The Sheets or a festive metallic.

3. Lightly dab sponge near tip of nail and work your way up. As the polish wears off the sponge, you’ll see a splattered effect. Apply as much or as little as desired.

4. Clean up any skin that your sponge may have inadvertently touched with a polish remover soaked Q-Tip. 

5. Finish with a top coat.

6. Dip-dye other areas of your life too! I love this DIY Fluro Cutlery idea.


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Dip-Dye Nails

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