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Dear Birchbox: Brow Tinting

New York’s Warren Tricomi salon

Dear Birchbox,

Here’s a question for you: I’m thinking of getting my eyebrows tinted. Crazy idea? Where should I do it?


Wide-Eyed in Manhattan


Dear Wide-Eyed in Manhattan,

Eyebrow tinting is a fairly tricky thing and can be dangerous if not done properly. First things first, it should never - never - be done at home. If you’re going to dabble in lightening or darkening brows, always go to a salon where the specialize in the service. Julie Tussey, at New York’s Warren Tricomi salon, is one of the city’s top brow gurus. She is a huge fan of brow tinting as long as it’s done properly. “The tints are safe,” she says. “It’s a product that is created specifically for usage on brows and it doesn’t get anywhere near the eyes.” It’s also not just glopped onto the brow. Tussey paints on the color systematically, using different amounts depending on what kind of effect she wants. “I can tweak the color to really match the hair and then I apply the tints to different parts of the brow so I can get a nice shape.” In between appointments, Tussey recommends using a colored eyebrow gel to maintain the color, like Laura Mercier’s brow definer, which comes in a pot, or Anastasia’s Tinted Brow Gel, which comes in five shades. Good luck and tint happy!



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