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Poppy King’s J.Crew Lip Color is Mega Popular

We love Lipstick Queen Poppy King, and are so excited about this understated yet fabulous lip color she made exclusively for J.Crew. It’s always hard to find a red that works for your complexion—they’re either too bright or too dark, and all too frequently, they’re tacky or overly thick. Not this one though, it’s a universal shade that feels more like a tinted chapstick (the consistency reminds us of Medieval).

The collab came about after J.Crew used a very bright orangey-red color for several catalog shoots, so the company felt it was time to partner with the best of the best to make their own shade. The hue launched on their site just last week and not surprisingly, it’s already sold out. No worries though for anyone who wants to get their hands on this covetable lip color—the brand promises to have more in stock soon.


While we’re waiting for the new shipment, check out some other Lipstick Queen products in our Birchbox Shop.

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