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Friend Tip: Tarte Gel Liner

A Tarte look from Fall 2010 Fashion Week

A beauty-savvy friend recently sent me an urgent string of missives praising her latest obsession: Tarte Aqua-Gel Eyeliner. Here’s how it went down:

Email 1 (Initial discovery): "The old Tarte eyeliner was gone after about 30 minutes, but this new gel stuff stays for hours. And I love the cooling feeling as you apply!"

Email 2 (Additional selling point): “Also, yay! Fun colors! the only other natural eye liner I found that stayed was the Dr. Haushka liquid eyeliner, but it only came in boring colors, brown and black. Finally, a natural liner that comes in pretty colors! I bought brown and purple.

Email 3 (On application): “It’s more like a pen, actually. You can’t press too hard - treat it more like a liquid liner. But it stays forever!”

If that’s not a great pitch, I don’t know what is. Keep the tips coming!

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