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Operation India Wedding: Countdown!

Our dear HBS intern, Freya, is leaving us soon (sniff!). Next week she is headed to India for her brother’s wedding, which is going to be a three-day, multi-event affair. Think Monsoon Wedding. We’ve even heard that there are going to be horses. Now Freya is already gorgeous but we want her to look as amazing as possible at the wedding.

Read our pre-wedding checklist here. Since she only has a week, we have a slightly accelerated schedule for her:

A shot from an old Ritu Kumar collection. Photo: StyliChic

One week before wedding: Get a clarifying facial, ideally one that incorporates lots of vitamin C to make skin brighter. Avoid extractions, which can trigger breakouts.

Three days before: Exfoliate with a gentle product like Suki Exfoliate, which is effective without being harsh. Follow with a brightening serum like Sircuit Weapon (continue to apply every night).

On the plane: Drink more water than you think is necessary. Hydrate skin with a facial mist like Sircuit Molecular Mist.

Night before: Exfoliate skin again and remember your brightening serum.

Day of: Use a great primer to keep makeup in place, and touch up throughout the day and night with blotting papers. Don’t forget waterproof mascara! 

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