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We’re Attracted to Magnetic Nail Polish

Images from All Lacquered Up

Even though we have nail art out the wazoo lately, we’re still loving this new discovery: magnetic nail polish. Apparently it’s possible to include iron powder in polish and when you hold a magnet over freshly painted nails, create a ripple line or pattern effect. Fashionista alerted us to this trend yesterday but it’s actually not a new idea. Several years ago Lancome and L’Oreal released limited editions of Le Magnetique collections to American and European customers respectively. It never really took off but now LCN, Essence (only available in Europe as far as we can tell), and Nails Inc. (to be released soon), are carrying magnetic collections. Given the nail art fervor right now this may have more staying power this time around. Different magnets allow you to create different designs so we could see some creative girlies integrating this into their routines.

All Lacquered Up gave the LCN polishes a try a few weeks ago and they’re definitely fun but may require too much patience (and steady hands!) for us. Will you be snapping these up?


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