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Back to the Beach Part 2: You’ve Got Male

This past weekend, I returned to the beach for more fun in the surf an sun. On my last trip, I noticed that my post-beach routine was missing something to eliminate the salty residue and and dry skin I had as a result of spending a full day seaside. So, this time I packed my LATHER Bamboo Lemongrass Foaming Body Scrub and boy were my problems solved! At first, I was concerned that using a physical exfoliant might be too harsh after a full day at the beach. The LATHER scrub, however, almost immediately foams when you work it onto your skin with water. The granules quickly whisked away the salty film and grime and the alpha hydroxy acids worked to soothe and restore any damage done by the sun. Perhaps the biggest bonus though was that the lemony scrub really topped my beach day off nicely by turning my shower into a soothing aromatic experience—and really got me ready for the glass of wine and the amazing dinner that followed.


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