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A Case for Serums (And Why I Love Sircuit Weapon)

Before I started writing about beauty, I had no idea what a serum was or why I might want to put it on my face. I quickly learned that serums, which are skincare products with a very high concentration of active ingredients, were the key to targeting specific skin issues. (For more, read our cheat sheet.) Unlike moisturizers, which primarily hydrate, serums can address things like acne, hyperpigmentation, premature wrinkles, rosacea…really anything. Suffice it to say, I’ve become a bit of a junkie, and I’m as picky about my serums as Meredith is about her SPF. I’ve learned how to read ingredient lists, and to decipher what’s worth the money and what I can skip.

For example, one of my current favorites is Sircuit Cosmeceuticals’s Weapon, which is $85 for one ounce. At first that might seem spendy, but there’s not a bit of fat in the product. It’s a lean, mean, skin-perfecting machine. First off, it has ten percent L-Ascrobic Acid, the chirally correct form of Vitamin C— this helps encourage collagen production (which fills out any premature lines or wrinkles), protect against UV damage, and prevent hyperpigmentation. While Vitamin C is the star of Weapon, there are plenty of other ingredient helpers: Witch Hazel, which soothes any irritations; Sodium Hyaluronate, which rehydrates skin; and Phytoalexin Complex, a blend of antioxidants. I apply a couple drops at night (the eyedropper makes sure I don’t waste any of the product!) after cleanser and toner, and I’ve noticed that my skin seems brighter (even on less sleep) with fewer dark spots. I’m still waiting for my pores to disappear but Rachel, our resident skin expert, swears that there’s a serum for that.

Do you use serums? What are your favorites? 


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