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Skin Rx: 5 Summer Skincare Tips

Allow me to play bossy esthetician for a moment. Here are my top five rules for the summer months.

1. Wear lots and lots of SPF. Try Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+, which feels light and rubs in without any white residue. I’ve been using it on the weekends so that I can keep protected even while I’m out and about. Don’t miss the four areas people most people forget: lips, tops of ears, tip of nose, and scalp!

2. Don’t skip your scalp. There’s nothing being at an outdoor concert or picnic all day and coming home to a lobster red scalp. Part your hair in the middle and spray your part with something like Oscar Blandi’s Capri Sun Shield or just lightly trace a line of sunscreen over exposed skin (this is fine for when you’re at the beach). And gents, if your hairline is, shall we say, backing off…make sure to protect that bare skin!

3. Hydrate inside and out! Drink tons of water. When you skimp on H20 your skin and body suffers. Also hydrate from the outside - refresh skin with a natural toner like Pangea Toner or a mist like Sircuit Cosmeceuticals Molecular Mist.

4. Be smart and screen! Get a skin screening from your dermatologist at the beginning of the summer so your dermatologist can see your sun-free skin and have a base for post-summer. Those of you with freckles and moles, I suggest getting screened twice a year to be safe!

5. Blot, don’t wash. Even though you may feel like you need to wash your face more and more because you’re sweating more and your skin is oilier, this can actually cause your skin to produce more oil. Resist the urge to suds up five times a day and keep cool with blotting papers or a facial mist.


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