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6 Winter Wedding Bouquets:

We’ve been planning our dream weddings since we were five years old. So it’s no surprise that we can’t get enough of, a wedding inspiration site that lets you search through pics of swoon-worthy gowns, bouquets, and everything else you need for the big day. Once a week, the ladies behind will be sharing their best tips for getting through the craziness of the season—whether you’re standing at the altar or enjoying a view of it from the audience.

Photo by: Alante Photography on Style Unveiled via

You may think you have fewer options for wedding flowers if you’re having a cold-weather wedding, but we think there’s something elegant about a winter bouquet. By incorporating lush greens, pinecones, and flowers that stay in bloom year-round, you can create a gorgeous seasonal bouquet that brings a frosty wedding to life. For your inspiration, here are some of our favorite winter wedding floral arrangements:


Photo by: Closer to Love on Every Last Detail via


Photo by: Albert Palmer Photography on Bridal Musings via


Photo by: Elisa B Photography on Wedding Chicks via


Photo by: Tory Williams on Rachel Mercier Flowers via


Photo by: Tory Williams on hushedCOMMOTION via

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