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Customer Love Notes: Say Hello to This Best-Selling Scent

Nerd alert: One of our favorite things to do is read the customer reviews in the Birchbox Shop. You all are an opinionated bunch—and we like it! We especially adore when you write about your favorite purchases. From time to time, we’ll be highlighting some of your extra sweet product love letters on the blog. 


If Lionel Richie’s 1984 hit taught us anything, it’s the importance of saying, “Hello.—and nothing says it better than this standout fragrance. A longtime Birchbox best-seller, Harvey Prince’s Hello perfectly balances top notes of Meyer lemons and Satsuma mandarin with summery floral scents like forsythia and pink plumeria. We could wax poetic about its hypnotic powers, but we’ll let these Harvey Prince fans take over:

"I don’t usually bother with perfumes, but this fragrance is so delightful it’s worth making an exception! The scent is light, dynamic, and distinctive. And while scents are definitely a subjective thing (my sister and I are constantly at odds over what scents we like and dislike), I can honestly say when I wore this everyone I interacted with commented positively on how great I smelled! - Beth

"Oh the wonders of Harvey Prince! This is the first perfume company I fell in love with. I love that it makes me [feel] more cheerful and bubbly—Any time I dread having to make an acquaintance of someone, I spritz a little of this and voilà! I’m suddenly much more excited and ready to take on the world. Thank you Birchbox for opening my eyes to such a wonderful fragrance, and thank you Harvey Prince for making such a perfect concoction! Strongly recommend!" Heather

"As one reviewer said, this is a very "optimistic" perfume, with wonderful floral and citrus scents. My boyfriend, who normally grimaces when I put on perfume, kept coming over to smell the scent! Definitely a keeper." - Kate

These ladies have us convinced—have you tried this one-of-a-kind fragrance?


Have your own product paramour? Pen a love letter to your favorite Birchbox products by leaving a customer review!

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