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Customer Love Notes: dr. brandt’s microdermabrasion skin exfoliant

Nerd alert: One of our favorite things to do is read the customer reviews in the Birchbox Shop. You all are an opinionated bunch—and we like it! We especially adore when you write about your favorite purchases. From time to time, we’ll be highlighting some of your extrasweet product love letters on the blog. 


This innovative scrub is formulated to give you professional-quality results at home, thanks to pharmaceutical-grade aluminum oxide crystals that remove dead skin cells and improve texture. And unlike other products, this one eschews sulfates, phthalates, and synthetic chemicals. As if flawless skin weren’t enough, it also leaves behind an invigorating citrus scent. But don’t take our word for it; check out what some of these Dr. Brandt fans had to say: 

Without a doubt, this is the best exfoliator I’ve EVER used! I love the fine crystals - they don’t hurt, but you can feel them exfoliating as you scrub. I also love the tingling fresh feeling you get on your face after you rinse it off. It also rinses cleanly, which is a huge bonus. The price is a bit prohibitive, but this product is MORE than worth it. LOVE IT!- Becs

"So happy I had this in my box. I had just used my last bit of exfoliating face wash so this was a nice surprise. I love the lemony scent and how my face felt like it was washed with peppermint. It’s a great way to wake up in the morning! My skin felt very clean and soft after using. I actually want to use my points on this one!"Colby

"I’ve had microdermabrasion done in the doctor’s office, and Dr. Brandt’s product definitely compares well. I like the texture of the cream, and the fragrance is light and fresh. Overall, the finished product is super smooth, glowing, youthful skin!"Mom2Boys


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