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4 Simple Steps to Minimize Stress—and Maximize Action!

We all face those big careers choices or difficult professional situations that call for some outside advice. For us, Robin DeMarco of Coached by Robin is definitely on our speed-dial. A sales and marketing whiz turned life coach, Robin is a pro at coming up with constructive ways to get the most out of life. 


When we’re stressed, it shows. We’ve all caught ourselves looking in the mirror after an overwhelming work week, wondering how to get rid of our tired, puffy eyes, tension lines in our forehead, and sagging skin. In fact, scientists have found that stress is one of the clear overriding factors in contributing to premature aging. So, besides the latest beauty trends, how can we combat stress from the inside out?

In addition to sleep and exercise, learning how to effectively manage your time and prioritize tasks can greatly reduce anxiety. 

Below are four simple steps to regain control of your life and overcome stress in the process:

Tools Needed: Alarm, highlighter, red and black pens, notebook, and calendar

1. Mind Dump Exercise: Get It All Out

  • Find a place where you have no interruptions and set your alarm for five minutes. Without pausing, write down every single thing that comes to mind that is stressing you out.

Clearing mental space and putting all your thoughts and to-dos on paper is a powerful way to calm brain chatter and focus your attention. 

2. Organize And Prioritize

  • With your red pen, cross out each thing that you have ZERO CONTROL over.
  • With your black pen, circle all of the petty annoyances and easy-to-take-care-of tasks that are driving you crazy. Is your laundry building up? Do you still need to get a gift for that bridal shower? Dedicate one night in the next week to get these out of the way.
  • Highlight the most important tasks/goals that you keep pushing off and prioritize them from 1-3 based on which ones are most pressing. 

Organizing and clarifying your to-do list makes it more manageable and pinpoints exactly where you should be spending your time and energy. Scheduling time in your calendar to complete tasks is essential for building momentum.

3. Define And Clarify

Take your highlighted list and clearly define what each goal is and what exactly needs to happen to make it a reality.

  • Goal #1 :_______________________
  • Goal #2 :_______________________
  • Goal #3 :________________________

Setting clear, measurable goals will provide direction and propel you forward.

4. Break Goals Into Manageable Steps

If a goal seems overwhelming, break each goal into a step-by-step plan and focus on one manageable step at a time.

  • What is the first step that you can take to reach this goal?
  • By when?

By learning how to sort through brain clutter, prioritize, and effectively manage your time, you will regain a sense of control in your life, leading to more energy and peace of mind.

Soon you’ll be on your way to retrieving that healthy glow and life balance that you so deserve!

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