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Reading List: How To: The Perfect Sleek Blowout at Home, 5 Videos To Get You Ready For Columbus Day Weekend, And More

We know you don’t have oodles of time to browse through everything on the Birchbox blog and in the magazine each week. Here’s a short list of the top blog posts, articles, videos, and news that we don’t want you to miss. 

  1. How To: The Perfect Sleek Blowout at Home: Scoring a salon-quality blowout at home used to feel impossible. But with a practice and the right products, we’re confident these tips will help you master the look.

  2. Ready for a Comeback: We know that fashion is cyclical (hello again 90s grunge), but some beauty trends that have made their way back into the spotlight are worth giving a try.

  3. 5 Travel Videos To Get You Ready For Columbus Day Weekend: Happy long weekend everyone! If you have some plans to get away for the mini-holiday (or anytime in the near future) these videos will get you ready to jet-set.

  4. Performance Wear Finally Goes To Work: While we’d love to bike or walk to work, the risk of damaging our office attire has always held us back. Luckily, a few brands heard our cries and are creating clothes that are performance-proof and work appropriate.

  5. How To: Get the (Romeo &) Juliet Look: Just in time for the latest iteration of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, our Birchbox UK editors have come up with several gorgeous Juliet-inspired looks you can try for yourself.


We love our liquid liners, but check out the one that changed this editor’s life.

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