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Guest Blogger: Matte Is Sports Anchor Amanda Balionis’s Best Friend

There are some pretty big sports fans at Birchbox HQ — and not just the Matts! This week, we’re excited to have Amanda Balionis, a bonafide sports expert guest blogging for us. After working as an intern for the New York Jets and the New York Islanders while at Hofstra University, Balionis went on to become a sideline reporter for Verizon FiOs1 Sports and later a MSG Show host in New York. Incidentally, she spent years battling the elements (and her pride) trying to maintain a professional on-camera appearance in torrential rain, high winds, and 100 degree weather. Having suffered beauty blunders publicly, the Florida-based sports anchor is excited to share her best tips—hopefully you can avoid some of the embarrassment she’s endured.

When I first started out on camera, I did my makeup the same way for all occasions. It didn’t matter if I was going out to dinner, working on the sidelines, or heading into the studio. I quickly realized that this strategy had some major flaws. Not all makeup is meant to be worn outdoors and similarly anything that works while I’m out covering the golf course for eight hours doesn’t always translate into a good evening look. So when I’m preparing to be outside all day, there are a few basic rules I follow to minimize the self-conscious feeling that I look tired, makeup-less, or sweaty. (I may be sweaty, but that’s no one else’s business.)

First, start with a good base. Laura Mercier’s Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer is fantastic because it gives you a little bit of coverage, but doesn’t have any oil that could come back to haunt you later when the sun really starts shining. The key to being outside and on camera in broad daylight is to make sure that everything you put on is oil-free, mattifying, or light-weight. I also always dab on Laura Mercier’s Secret Concealer. This stuff is magical, seriously. I’ve found that it conceals blemishes, circles, and anything else you need to hide. (Yes, I’m referencing that hickey you’re trying to cover up after having a few too many at last night’s outdoor happy hour.) Also, keep your blush to either a cheek stain or powder. I love NARS The Multiple for when I’m in the studio, but out in the heat, it can start to look shiny and feel greasy. What’s perfect, however, is the brand’s Orgasm Blush (be careful not to confuse this with Super Orgasm, which has gold glitteranything sparkly needs to be avoided at all cost when out for the day). I also really like Tarte’s Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush; they have fantastically vibrant colors that stay put for hours. Used in combination with Tarte’s Matte Waterproof Bronzer, sheen doesn’t stand a chance.

Another great way to achieve a matte complexion is to use a good primer. NARS’s version comes with the major bonus of having SPF 20.

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