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A Birchbox Goodbye: The Top 10 Moments in CanChan History (Sniff, Sniff)


Today marks a sad day in Birchbox history. Our blog editor Candice is leaving us for the greener (or at least more pluot-filled) pastures of San Francisco. We’ll miss her dearly, but—instead of crying into our cocktails—we’re sending her off in the most fitting way possible: with a countdown of her greatest Birchbox moments. Herewith, the Candice Chan Top 10.

10. The Time She Creeped on Luigi

From the outside, Candice is a put-together 28-year-old. Inside, she’s a 13-year-old fangirl who geeks about all things gaming- and comic book-related. Who better, then, to represent Birchbox at Comic-Con 2012? On her breaks from manning the Birchbox booth, she found time to stalk fellow fans at the convention.

9. She Palled Around with Channing Tatum on the Oscars Red Carpet

(Well, kind of.) Barring a drastic career change from another staffer, Candice will go down in history as the only Birchboxer to actually make it onto the Oscars red carpet. Her hour-by-hour account remains one of our favorite (and longest) Birchbox blog posts.


8a. No Big Deal, Just Chilling in a Face Mask

Anyone who has seen Candice on camera knows that she’s annoyingly comfortable in front of the lens. So, obviously, she was our first choice to demo face masks. We especially love the cameo by our director Jeff Chan.

8b. In Fact, She Felt So Comfortable in a Mask…

That she brought the fun to the office, schooling our Birchbox Man editor Martin on the importance of mud masks.


7. And Who Can Forget the Shower Scene?

Only Candice (and Ally, for that matter) would be brave enough to don a towel for a Birchbox video. Fun fact: We had to duct tape her into her terry outfit!

6. Oh and She Solved the Age-Old Lipstick Swipes Question

Candice and our intern Bre embarked on a heroic quest to find out just how many swipes there are in a tube of lipstick. You’re welcome.

5. Plus She’s a Princess!

Just kidding! But she did perfect the princess roll hairstyle, one of the most stupidly simple ‘dos we’ve ever encountered. Even Mollie can do it, which is saying a lot.


4. Um, Star Trek?

Our video ninja Whitney coined a new term to describe Candice: “nerbulous” (adjective, mix of nerdy and fabulous). And she really upped her nerbulous factor with a post on Star Trek actresses, helped out by none other than the Trekkie brother of fellow nerd Bene.

3. But She Kind of Fails at Baking (Can’t Win ‘Em All!)

She has plenty of skills, but baking isn’t one of them. When Candice and Lorelei took a cupcake-making class for Birchbox, rumor is that they had to be asked politely to leave. Whoops!

2. Badass Rock Climber

Candice remains the only member of Team Content (and this includes our Birchbox Men) who can do a pull-up. We chalks up her superwoman strength to her rock-climbing prowess.


1. Unrivaled Transformation Powers

Last year, we had a dream: create a Mission: Impossible-style video where a brave Birchboxer rises to the challenge of putting on makeup in just one city block (hey, we dream big here). And there was no one who could have played the role other than Candice. The slow-mo application techniques! The camera swooshes! The insouciant toss of the mirror to Birchbox Man editor Martin (in a scene-stealing cameo as villain)!

There have been countless other moments over the years, but we had to cut ourselves off somewhere. Plus, we’ve got places to be and cookies to eat. For now, we’ll be stalking CanChan on Twitter and Instagram and suggest you do the same. Cheers!

—Team Content


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